Lumin Three-In-One Oil & Cloud Cloth for ACNE prone skin — Wildling

Ingredients & Sourcing

At Wildling, our ingredients come from small-batch, family-owned farms, and in some cases are harvested by farmers who forage wild plants seasonally. Ingredients are certified USDA organic and harvested at peak potency.

These plants have been used historically to rejuvenate skin and bring radiant health to the whole body. The herbaceous aroma comes not from added fragrance or essential oils, but directly from the botanical infusion itself. Each plant is medicinal, intentionally chosen for its unique benefit to the skin and to complement the Lumin Facial Cupping Ritual.



Boasting 190+ bioactives, a full spectrum of vegan Omegas and known as one of the most potent antioxidants on the planet; this “holy fruit” clarifies, balances and restores skin. Wild harvested fresh on pristine certified organic land in the Himalayan mountains of Tibet.



Naturally high in protective antioxidants, brightening vitamin C, rich in linoleic essential fatty acids and dense with nutrients; this enchanting fruit helps to fight environmental stressors, even skin tone, brighten, soothe, repair and help improve the appearance of dark spots and redness. Unrefined, cold-pressed and sustainably harvested by hand in the Amazon.



Powerful antioxidants, bacteria-fighting agents, and calming nutrients help to clear clogged pores, diminish blemishes, calm inflammation, and soften skin. Organically harvested in the Pacific Northwest. Whole plant extracted.

Woman after using oil and cloth

History + Practice

Oil cleansing can be traced back to the 14th century in Asia. It works on the principle that like attracts like. An oil cleanser removes unwanted accumulated oil on the surface of the skin as well as makeup, sunscreen, mascara, and lipstick.

Use Lumin Seabuckthorn Brightening Oil as needed as part of your daily skincare routine.

How to Use

The Lumin Cupping Ritual

How to Use

The Lumin Cupping Ritual

The Lumin Cupping Ritual

Cupping stimulates, clears, and detoxifies the skin as well as the layers underneath. It breaks up stagnation and congestion in the tissues while stimulating qi and blood flow. It also activates the lymphatic system to clear waste from the tissues. Cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine healing modality that dates back to 200 AD.


Massage Lumin Seabuckthorn Brightening Oil generously over dry skin on the face and neck.


Facial cupping with the Lumin Cupping Set. Use gentle suction to work over the entire face and neck following instructions provided.


Gently removes oil and impurities from the skin. For proper use, dampen the cloth with warm water.


Re-apply Lumin Seabuckthorn Brightening Oil to moisturize cleansed skin. Massage oil into the skin using the cooling, white jade Lumin Mushroom.