Which oil should I use for the Empress Ritual? What about for the Lumin Ritual?

The Empress Ritual is best performed with our Empress Oil, and the Lumin Ritual with our Lumin Three-In-One Oil. You are welcome to mix and match Lumin & Empress Oil as they work for your skin type, but remember that the Lumin Oil is also a facial cleanser and the Empress Oil is not.

I can’t find my 21 Day Challenge Emails

21 Day Challenge emails will begin arriving directly to your inbox 24 hours after sign up. Be sure to check all folders including spam, promotions, and junk for these emails.

Where can I sign up for the 21 Day Challenge? When does it start/how does it work?

We’re so excited that you’ll be participating in Wildling’s 21 Day Face Challenge! This challenge is self-led and can be started anytime. Sign up here:21 Day Challengeand expect emails to begin coming to your inbox 24 hours after signing up.

Can I cancel/adjust/change the address on my order?

As listed in our cart disclaimer and terms of service, we are unfortunately unable to make any changes to order details, including address changes, item changes, and cancellation requests once the order has been placed. We kindly ask that you double-check quantities, addresses, and items before completing check out.

How Do I Access Insider Tutorials?

We’re so excited that you’ve received your Aura or Empress items! If you’d like to access our insider tutorials, simply create an account at www.wildling.com and you’ll be able to view. Enjoy!

Returning Product/Policy

For the full deets on our return policy, lost mail, and exchanges head here:Wildling Shipping & Returns!

“My Empress/Aura Stone or Empress Wand has lines, marks, or scratches on it?!”

If you’ve received a Wildling Gua Sha tool with some markings you weren’t expecting, this answer is for you!

While of course you should feel free to email us if you think something is seriously wrong with your stone (there should never be cracks or chunks missing!), often, the markings our customers are concerned with are totally normal & natural. Here’s why: the veins or delineations which you are noticing are naturally occurring striations in Bian Stone -- the magical and miraculous stone we formulate all of our Gua Sha tools from. Bian Stone is an amalgamation of 40+ natural minerals & materials that work to detoxify, plump, smooth, and boost circulation as well as calm and soothe both your skin and mood. Because we are committed to processing our Empress & Aura Tools as minimally as possible and maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of the Bian stone, many of our gua sha Stones do contain natural markings, striations, and lines through them.

This is a sure sign that your Wildling Stone is potent, authentic, and one of a kind in fact, many of our customers specifically request stones with these lines.

Additionally, each Empress Stone and Wand is individually hand-crafted from natural materials, so slight differentiations in coloring/sheen/thickness do sometimes occur.

We hope this information is helpful! Of course, if you still feel like something is up with your Stone or Wand, send us a photo of the area you’re concerned about in a reply to this thread and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Breakouts & Wildling

The Empress Ritual (and all Wildling products) is formulated to benefit all skin types. In fact, we’ve seen acne-prone people have incredible results with regular use! However, breakouts can occasionally happen when you begin performing the Empress Ritual.

If this is something you are experiencing, feel free to check out this PDF for more info:Breakouts & Gua Sha.

Sensitive Skin & Wildling

Empress:The Empress line is formulated to be safe & soothing for sensitive skin and for conditions like eczema and rosacea. Remember to use light pressure and avoid gua sha directly over inflamed areas.

Aura:The Aura Collection is formulated to be safe for all skin types. Please remember that our Aura Sweeper & Aura Stone may leave red marks after use - this is totally normal and a part of the healing process.

Lumin:Our Lumin line was specifically crafted for sensitive & breakout prone skin. Use the Cupping set gently to calm inflammation and breakouts. The cooling Lumin Mushroom is made from white jade, known to pull heat from the skin. The Lumin Three-In-One oil can be used as a daily facial moisturizer, cleanser, and make up remover for sensitive skin.

Wholesale & Retail Inquiries

Thanks for your interest in Wildling! We do not currently have a wholesale program in place. We do have a super affiliate program.. To find out details about about our affiliate program, head here:https://wildling.com/pages/affiliates-program. Please note that you receive 10% off your first order when you sign up for our newsletter at www.wildling.com.

Are products vegan, organic, gluten free?

Yes, yes, and yes!

How frequently should I use Wildling’s beauty tools?

When using Wildling’s Lumin Collection, perform facial cupping no more than 2x a week. The Lumin Mushroom can be used as a facial massage tool daily.
When using Wildling’s Empress & Aura Collections, you are welcome to perform the Aura or Empress Rituals as often as 1x a day. We recommend at least 2x a week for maximum benefit. We do not recommend performing either ritual more frequently than once a day.

Should I wash my tools after each use?

Great question. You may wash your Wildling beauty tools after each use, or however often you feel necessary. We recommend washing with warm water and any skin-friendly soap.
Remember to be gentle, Wildling tools are authentic crystals and may break if knocked or dropped!

What if my stone breaks? What is your replacement policy?

If your Empress or Aura Stone breaks, please send us a photo of the damage and explain how this happened athello@wildling.com. We can help you more there!

Can I use while pregnant/post partum?

All of our products are 100% safe for mamas to be and new moms, and highly encouraged!

​​How long does it take to start seeing results from the Lumin, Empress, or Aura Ritual?

Results from the Lumin, Empress & Aura Rituals are both immediate and cumulative. This means you’ll enjoy the benefits of your practice right away, and reap even deeper benefits with consistent use. Immediate results are due to immediate lymphatic drainage and de-puffing from gua sha, cupping, and facial massage.. Long term results are due to a decrease in facial tension, smoothing the fascia, and stimulating the flow of qi and blood in the skin.

Collaborations/Affiliate Program

If you’re interested in collaborating with us or finding out about our affiliate program, awesome! Find out about our Affiliate program here:https://wildling.com/pages/affiliates-programand send an email tohello@wildling.comregarding collaborations.

Status of Order & Tracking Info

We can’t wait for you to receive your Wildling order and are so excited that you will be a part of the Wildling fam! We are currently asking our beloved customers to allow extra processing time as our small (but mighty!) team works to fulfill high volumes of orders. You will receive a separate email providing tracking details as soon as your parcel is officially en route.

Do you ship worldwide?

We ship worldwide atwww.wildling.com! We are unable to ship to a handful of places at this time, please emailhello@wildling.comfor specific inquiries.

Do you offer discounts?

You’ll receive a code for 10% off your entire first purchase when you sign up for our newsletter at www.wildling.com! We ship for free in the US.

What if I'd like to return items from an address outside the US?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept returns from outside the US. This is noted on our Terms of Service and on the Cart Check Out page. If you have additional questions please email us directly athello@wildling.com

I want even more Wildling in my life!

More questions about tips, tricks, and techniques? Can’t get enough Empress/Lumin/Aura chat? Be sure to hang out with us on FB in our private group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wildlingworks. See you there!

“What is ROUTE insurance? Do I need it”

Route insurance covers your purchase should it be lost or damaged in transit. We recommend that all our customers opt to use Route insurance. We are unable to cover replacing missing or lost items without ROUTE. If you would like to ‘unselect’ ROUTE, you may do so on the checkout page, prior to checkout.