Lumin Collection & Breakouts

Lumin Collection & Breakouts

Lumin Collection
& Breakouts

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Lumin Collection & Breakouts

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Reviewed by: Britta Plug

Welcome to your Lumin Ritual and a path of self-loving beauty.

Attention breakout-prone babes: Wildling’s LUMIN Collection was made for *your skin*. The Lumin Collection was specifically designed by skincare experts with breakout-prone, congested, and sensitive skin in mind. In other words, this clarifying & detoxifying skincare set may be just the soothing solution your skin is craving.


We developed the Lumin Ritual – inspired by the Traditional Chinese Medicine modality of cupping – to clarify, detoxify, clear, and brighten. The Lumin Three-In-One Oil, Lumin Cupping Set, Lumin Cloud Cloth, & Lumin Mushroom have been thoughtfully crafted to naturally but effectively address concerns such as blemishes, irritation, and inflammation.

This luxurious skincare ritual includes oil cleansing, facial cupping, and inflammation-calming facial massage. Wildling’s Lumin Three-In-One Oil is intended to be used as a makeup remover, oil cleanser, and daily skin moisturizer. Our Lumin Tools work synergistically to move lymph, de-puff, detoxify, and calm the skin. A must-have for sensitive skin!

Lumin Three-In-One Oil utilizes a blend of healing Sea Buckthorn, nourishing Passion Fruit, and detoxifying Lavender to gently clarify the pores and combat blemishes. Always essential oil free and naturally high in linoleic acid, the Lumin Three-In-One Oil is an ideal daily oil cleanser & moisturizer, as it won’t overdry or strip the skin.


FAQ: Breakouts & Lumin

I have breakouts, is Lumin the right collection for me?

Yes! While all our products can be tailored to breakout prone skin, the Lumin Collection was specifically formulated to clarify and clear skin.

Can I use the Lumin Three-In-One oil as a daily cleanser if I experience breakouts?

Yes, the Lumin Three-In-One Oil can be used as a daily oil cleanser for sensitive or inflamed skin. It will leave the face gently cleansed and detoxified.

Is cupping good for acne?

Cupping cleanses deeply. It is a great tool for lymphatic drainage, as it pulls out impurities. Remember to only cup 2x a week, but enjoy using your Lumin Three-in-One Oil daily as a facial cleanser.

Can I cup over active breakouts?

Avoid cupping over active breakouts whenever possible.

How much pressure should I use when cupping and using the Lumin Mushroom?

Always use very light pressure when cupping on the face and keep cups gliding or pump and release. Pressure with the Lumin Mushroom should be light to medium, think frosting a cake.

Is this set helpful for acne scars?

This collection can be helpful for healing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation but likely will not affect deeper scarring than this.

Can I use this set in conjunction with the Empress Collection?

Yes! If you are also utilizing Wildling’s Empress Collection for skincare, alternate days performing gua sha and cupping and feel free to mix & match the products as appropriate for your skin type.

If you’re looking for further resources on breakouts & the Empress line, check out THIS BLOG.

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Final Thoughts

Acne and inflammatory skin conditions can be tricky to resolve. We always recommend being kind to yourself, loving your skin as is, and practicing patience.

Hydrating, getting enough sleep, eating well, and moving your body are vital elements to balancing and alleviating skin conditions. Incorporate these practices in tandem with consistent use of Wildling’s Lumin Collection.

For ongoing skin conditions that are not improving over time, please consider seeking care from a healthcare practitioner.

For tips on incorporating your Empress Collection into a skincare routine as someone with acne-prone skin, check out THIS BLOG.