Lavender for Skin: Harnessing Its Soothing and Healing Benefits

Lavender for Skin: Harnessing Its Soothing and Healing Benefits

Talk about flower power — not only is lavender a floral powerhouse bringing you peace and tranquility, but it’s also a superstar for your skin. Among the many botanical ingredients we know and love, lavender stands out for its ability to nourish your skin and promote an overall radiant complexion.


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We opt to use whole, fresh lavender infusions in our products rather than essential oils. Essential oils are less eco-friendly and can even irritate the skin with the high concentration of active ingredients.

This article will share the secrets of lavender and how it could be the ace up your sleeve for a daily dose of balance, beauty, and well-being in your skincare routine. 


Let’s introduce you to the lavender plant or, as science buffs like to say, Lavandula angustifolia. Mainly cultivated in regions like France and Bulgaria. When you infuse whole, fresh lavendar into an oil, it contains compounds such as linalool, linalyl acetate, lavandulol, geraniol, and eucalyptol. 

These compounds work synergistically, giving the oil potent cleansing and purifying properties. With these active compounds, lavender oil becomes a jack-of-all-trades, dabbling in skincare and aromatherapy circles alike. 

Available in a potluck of forms and differing chemical compositions, you can choose from varying types of lavender oils that suit your needs. Whether it's in your face cream or your diffuser, lavender is a versatile MVP in skincare and holistic health.


The calming scent of lavender is a household name in the realm of aromatherapy. This floral aroma doesn't merely serve to soothe the mind… it goes further by easing feelings of stress, reducing tension, and promoting an overall sense of well-being. At Widlling, our products have functional scents, meaning the scent profiles of our formulas can bring you whole-body benefits.

Lavender is the peace broker for your emotional state and plays nice with your nervous system, which is why it's so famous in the aromatherapy world.


Brimming with versatility, lavender offers a spectrum of skincare advantages. Understanding how individual ingredients contribute to your skin’s radiance is an important part of selecting skincare products that work.

So let’s explore the benefits of lavender, explaining why this botanical is a must-have on our skincare list.

1. Supports Skin Against Free Radicals

Picture lavender as the knight-in-shining-armor for your skin — it’s abundant in antioxidants that help support your skin against environmental aggressors such as pollution, smog, and harmful UV rays.

Its protective capabilities are super valuable for those living in busy, hustle-and-bustle urban landscapes, where skin is frequently exposed to pollutants that could accelerate aging.

2. Supports Overall Skin Health

From sunburns, to razor burns, to insect bites, our skin goes through a lot every day… and lavender may be able to help with that. Its soothing, calming, zen properties can help ease skin during times of trouble, allowing it to perform its natural healing processes effectively.

Plus, lavender is packed with beneficial nutrients and compounds, which may help keep your skin cell health in tip-top shape.

3. Minimizing the Look of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Beyond its protective characteristics, lavender doesn’t mess around when it comes to signs of aging. Overflowing with antioxidants, lavender helps support your skin cell health during exposure to free radicals — harmful, bad-guy molecules that can damage your cells and jumpstart skin aging. 

It also helps nourish and moisturize skin, working to smooth out the appearance of wrinkles and refine the skin’s overall texture.

4. Benefits for Breakouts

Lavender also has cleansing properties — meaning it might help keep your pores clear, ease swelling and irritation, and help reduce the look of any redness that accompanies breakouts. This makes it a VIP element in breakout management, especially if you’re on the hunt for natural solutions.

5. Skin Soothing Properties

For those dealing with forms of skin irritation or certain conditions, lavender is a super-soothing balm. It's effective for calming skin redness and alleviating itching, making it a potential option for various forms of skin discomfort and woes. Lavender is also thought to have a cooling effect on sunburned skin, which may provide both comfort and healing benefits.


Lavender usually sits well with most of us, but some people, like those with super sensitive skin or known allergies to similar botanicals, may not play well with lavender. Potential reactions could range from a slight skin annoyance to more severe reactions, like contact dermatitis. 

Playing it safe is always the best way to go. As a precautionary measure, do a patch test before using a new ingredient by applying your new product to a small area of skin. Wait at least 24 hours to monitor for any adverse reactions before fully diving in.


Incorporating lavender into your daily skincare routine can be a transformative experience, offering a blend of aromatic pleasure and practical skin benefits. Below are detailed steps on how to make the most out of lavender's potential, featuring some of our signature products. 

Start With a Fresh Face

Using our Starnectar™ Barrier Protect Marshmallow Jelly Cleanser is your first step into a transformative skincare journey. Take a small amount of cleanser and apply it to damp skin. Engage in circular motions to work the product deep into the pores. It's essential to focus on the forehead, cheeks, and chin, where impurities often accumulate. 

Ingredients like marshmallow root add some skin-soothing benefits, while licorice root acts as a complexion brightener to restore a radiant complexion and banish dullness. Orange peel delivers potent antioxidants in the form of vitamin C and other key vitamins. This meticulous cleansing process prepares your skin to fully embrace the beneficial qualities of lavender-infused products.

Apply a Lavender Infused Serum

After cleansing, it's time for targeted treatment with our Lumin Sea Buckthorn Brightening Oi

Place between three and five drops of the serum into the palm of your hand, warming it slightly before application. Apply it to your face, particularly focusing on problem spots. High concentrations of Vitamins A, C, and E work in tandem to deliver a more radiant you. Vitamin A supports cellular renewal, C brightens, and E heals — the full celebrity treatment in one bottle. 

The lavender essence goes beyond scent, pump your skin full of antioxidants, bacteria-fighting agents, and other calming nutrients to help clear clogged pores, diminish blemishes, soothe redness, and overall soften your skin. Our lavender is harvested in the Pacific Northwest, and whole plant extracted — so you get every bit of goodness that lavender has to offer.

Hydrate Your Skin

As the crowning touch to your regimen, apply Moonbounce™ 2% Bio Retinol Irish Sea Moss Plumping Moisturizer. Utilize a generous amount for even coverage over the face and neck. Employ upward strokes to both apply the product and encourage skin firmness. The bio retinol works to support the skin’s elasticity for an overall youthful-looking complexion. 

Irish sea moss supplies a wealth of beneficial vitamins and minerals. Additionally, slippery elm bark offers extra hydration and helps to soothe any skin irritation. Completing your routine with this multi-benefit moisturizer ensures that your skin remains hydrated, nourished, and luxuriously smooth.


Our approach to sourcing botanicals is as distinctive as the ingredients themselves. We collaborate exclusively with small-batch, family-owned farms or engage seasonal foragers who are trained in ethical, sustainable harvesting practices. 

Each ingredient, including lavender, undergoes a stringent selection process to ensure it meets our high-quality standards. The outcome is a curated selection of USDA-certified organic botanicals that enrich our skincare offerings. Our ingredients not only hold unique benefits for the skin but also play a complementary role in our holistic and nature-focused approach to skincare.


The allure of lavender goes beyond its captivating fragrance. It serves as a multi-faceted ingredient that can significantly improve your skin's health and appearance. From its antioxidant-rich profile to its soothing properties, lavender offers an extensive range of skincare benefits. 

By embracing the aromatic and therapeutic attributes of lavender, you can effectively unlock a host of advantages that contribute to both your skin's vitality and your overall sense of well-being.


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Our approach to sourcing botanicals is as distinctive as the ingredients themselves. We collaborate exclusively with small-batch, family-owned farms or engage seasonal foragers who are trained in ethical, sustainable harvesting practices.