Sea Buckthorn Oil: The Powerful Skin Ally You Need

Sea Buckthorn Oil: The Powerful Skin Ally You Need

In recent years, the skincare community has shifted its focus towards plant-based solutions, understanding the healing power that nature holds. At Wildling, this philosophy has always resonated with us. 

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Here's the truth: beauty, wellness, and all those treasures the universe tucked away into plants, stones, and starry skies? They're all beautifully intertwined. 

Enter: sea buckthorn oil. Extracted from the fancily-named Hippophae rhamnoides plant, this golden oil is serving some serious skincare magic.

Feeling a bit lost on how to let this botanical superstar shine in your skincare routine? We’re here to give you the lowdown on its qualities and benefits, and talk about how to use it to achieve a more radiant complexion.


Ever heard of a shrub that feels just as at home in Siberia's icy stretches as it does in Europe and Asia's mild breezes? That’s sea buckthorn.

And when it comes to its chemical profile, sea buckthorn oil is nothing short of a miracle potion: think antioxidants, vitamins galore, and essential fatty acids that keep our skin glowing. 

Beyond vitamins A, C, and E, it’s also a notable source of vitamin D, which is a pretty rare find in plant-based oils. Its vitamin C concentration defies the norm, too, towering over commonly-consumed citrus fruits by an incredible margin. 

Compared to other plants, sea buckthorn also boasts some of the highest levels of vitamin E, a skin savior for hydration and repair. Plus, oil extracted from sea buckthorn fruit is rich in flavonoids and carotenoids, which contribute to its antioxidant strength.

Although it can be tempting — or common — to write off botanical solutions as folk medicine, this simply isn’t the case when it comes to sea buckthorn. There’s a wide, wide range of evidence that promotes sea buckthorn oil as a helpful supplement for your skin.

Fatty acids and vitamins can help promote a smoother, more even complexion. It’s also believed that sea buckthorn oil may be able to support overall skin health, soothe irritation, and support natural wound healing processes. Studies have even demonstrated the oil's positive influence on collagen synthesis and its cleansing activity — and although research continues to explore its medicinal scope, especially when ingested, existing literature indicates that its topical benefits have a sturdy factual foundation.


Rich in omega-3, omega-7, palmitoleic acid, and linoleic acid, sea buckthorn oil is mixing up a cocktail of skin-loving components. 

A fascinating aspect of this oil is its rich palette of fatty acids. From palmitic to linolenic acids, its fatty acid composition is as diverse as it is potent. These fatty acids are the building blocks of your skin's surface layers, enabling effective hydration and barrier repair. Picture these fatty acids as the behind-the-scenes heroes, laying the foundation for gorgeously hydrated and fortified skin.

Another unique feature of sea buckthorn oil is its affinity for sebum. Your skin naturally produces sebum as a protective mechanism. It helps to keep good nutrients in, and bad bacteria out, all while promoting skin barrier function and overall hydration. Battling dry skin? The sea buckthorn plant is like your skin’s own twin, reflecting those natural, moisturizing vibes for an oh-so-balanced skin dance. 

For those diving deep into skincare ingredients, cue the applause for its linoleic and alpha-linolenic acids, which make it an exceptional moisturizer for those dealing with challenging skin conditions.

The prowess of sea buckthorn berry oil extends beyond hydration, though. With an arsenal of antioxidants, it proves to be an effective combatant against the environmental stressors and free radicals that may accelerate the aging process

The carotenoids and vitamin A present in the oil have proven themselves effective for skin brightening and tackling pigmentation issues. Besides soothing dryness and supporting elasticity, the oil helps support the skin's lipid barrier, further enhancing its resistance to external irritants.

In the world of oils, sea buckthorn is that multi-talented artist doing it all: quenching, defending, and radiating. From hydrating parched skin to maintaining its resilience against age and environmental damage, this ingredient truly encapsulates the essence of holistic skincare.


For most of us, sea buckthorn oil (or its fab extract) is like that one-size-fits-all comfy sweater — for all people and all skin types. However, because of its rich fatty acid composition, sea buckthorn may not always be the best fit for every single complexion. 

Before fully integrating sea buckthorn — or any new ingredient— into your routine, it’s best to conduct a patch test.


Sea buckthorn oil is highly versatile and friendly with most ingredients, thus offering remarkable flexibility in your skincare lineup. Whether combined with other carrier oils, cleansers, or even in shampoos for hair care, it helps enhance the efficacy of other skincare products. 

But, quick tip: it’s key to remain aware of how new components may interact with your current skincare lineup, especially when you’re dealing with potent formulations that include ingredients like retinol or vitamin C.


Starting the journey to radiant skin is like setting the stage for a performance… and your skin is the headliner. Each step in your skincare routine plays a vital role in making sure the final result is showstopping. 

Here’s how to seamlessly integrate sea buckthorn oil into your skincare ritual.

Start With a Fresh Face

Any skincare routine needs a clean canvas, and we recommend our Starnectar™ Barrier Protect Marshmallow Jelly Cleanser for this crucial first step. Marshmallow root is renowned for its inflammation-reducing properties. Licorice root carries glycyrrhizin, a compound that revitalizes the skin and enhances its resilience. Orange peel delivers a subtle exfoliation while invigorating the senses with its citrus aroma.

To amplify its effects, the cleanser is infused with the calming vibration of Moonstone. This gemstone is believed to balance emotional states, which contributes to holistic well-being. 

Starnectar™ ensures that your skin remains hydrated while impurities and makeup are effortlessly removed. It’s engineered to never strip your skin of its essential oils, safeguarding your skin’s moisture barrier. This makes it ideal for sensitive skin and gentle enough even for the delicate eye area.

Apply Sea Buckthorn Oil

Once your face is pristine, it's time to introduce our Lumin Sea Buckthorn Brightening Oil paired with our exclusive Cloud Cloth. This isn't your ordinary oil — its vivid orange hue is a testament to the high concentration of vitamin C and omega fatty acids that make it a powerhouse for skin health. 

Vitamin C is pivotal for maintaining skin elasticity, and the fatty acids present help maintain balance in your skin's natural sebum production, offering a nuanced approach to managing breakout-prone, oily, or irritation-prone skin.

Our inclusion of linoleic acid in the formulation also helps support healthy cell turnover. This means that dead skin cells are efficiently replaced with new ones, preventing clogged pores and breakouts. 

Lavender plays a role in this composition, too, working to ease skin irritation. The moment you apply the Lumin Sea Buckthorn Brightening Oil, its vibrant color disperses, leaving your skin radiant and smooth without any tint.

Moisturize Your Skin

The finale of your skincare routine should be a moisturizer that harmonizes with your skin's needs. For this, our Moonbounce™ 2% Bio Retinol Irish Sea Moss Plumping Moisturizer is an extraordinary choice. 

The moisturizer includes bio retinol, a plant-based alternative that’s gentle yet effective in minimizing the look of wrinkles and firming your overall complexion. Unlike traditional retinol, it is non-irritating, making it a safer option for all skin types.

Irish sea moss delivers unmatched hydration, especially alongside other key ingredients like marshmallow root and slippery elm bark. These natural wonders serve to not just hydrate but also to plump tired skin, further enhanced by the calming energy of Moonstone.

 A staggering 95% of users in a 42-person consumer study felt deep moisturization after only two uses. The final layer of this moisturizer seals in all the goodness from the preceding steps, ensuring your skin remains nourished and luminous throughout the day.


Incorporating sea buckthorn oil into your skincare ritual becomes a transformative experience when approached with precision and care. Each product serves its purpose, paving the way for the next, creating a harmonious sequence that culminates in radiant, well-nourished skin. 

Beginning with a gentle yet effective cleanser, moving on to the nutrient-dense sea buckthorn oil, and concluding with a rich, hydrating moisturizer, the journey is as satisfying as the destination. 

A consistent, caring skincare regimen isn’t an exercise in vanity. It’s a commitment to yourself, one that harmonizes the physical and emotional aspects, facilitated by the infusion of calming gemstone vibrations in our products to ensure that every step of your self-care ritual looks after your entire being, inside and out.


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Starting the journey to radiant skin is like setting the stage for a performance… and your skin is the headliner.