Meet Britta Plug, Co-Founder

Britta Plug


Britta Plug is a celebrated and licensed holistic esthetician and health coach, boasting an impressive career spanning over 17 years. As a passionate professional with a touch that transforms, she has earned the affectionate title of the “queen of holistic beauty.”

Her dedication is deeply personal, rooted in her own health journey battling Hashimoto's disease and Epstein-Barr Virus. The struggle with these chronic conditions ignited a desire within her to empower women to joyously embrace wellness and transform their lives.

Britta's influence spreads through her role as the founder and lead educator at Green Beauty Academy and Sovereign Beauty. Her teaching legacy is not merely a collection of lessons but a paved path toward a future where beauty and wellness coalesce in perfect harmony. The seeds she plants in the minds of her students grow into a flourishing garden of thought and practice, echoing her belief in a world where beauty is a nourishing embrace of the natural and the profound.

Areas of Expertise

Britta's expertise radiates across various fields, reflecting a unique blend of passion, innovation, and mastery. Holding the prestigious international skin care diploma of CIDESCO, her resume is a dazzling array of professional certifications in areas such as Ayurvedic face lifting, manual lymph drainage, facial reflexology, and sculptural face lifting.

Britta Plug

Britta’s Role and Philosophy at Wildling

As a co-founder of Wildling, she's worked diligently with her team to shape the brand into a beacon of holistic beauty, a name that resonates with more than mere aesthetics. Wildling stands as a testament to Britta's unwavering commitment to nature-inspired elegance and spiritual wellness.

Britta's radically natural philosophy shines as she seeks to revolutionize the beauty industry. Her powerful touch and passion for natural beauty have become a source of inspiration, guiding countless individuals toward skincare rituals that transcend mere aesthetics. 

She enhances lives through compassionate skincare rituals, leaving an indelible mark on those fortunate enough to learn from her wisdom. Her leadership in these realms illuminates a path for those yearning to connect beauty, well-being, and a reverence for nature's grace.

For Britta, beauty is not only compassionate, clean, and enriching; it is a celebration of our connection to nature and to ourselves. From product development to education, she shapes Wildling’s brand in a way that resonates deeply with both body and soul

Beyond Wildling

Britta's life isn't only about beauty and wellness, though — the philosophies that guide her work spill over into other facets of her life, reflecting a consistent ethos that honors nature, health, and joy.

Whether through Wildling or her educational ventures, Britta's approach radiates a warmth and wisdom that invite others to explore a world where beauty and wellness are joyously intertwined. Her story is an invitation to a future filled with compassion, integrity, and innovation, aligned with the very nature we are all a part of.