Empress Collection & Breakouts

Empress Collection & Breakouts

Empress Collection
& Breakouts

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Empress Collection & Breakouts

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Reviewed by: Britta Plug

Welcome to your Empress Ritual and a path of self-loving beauty. If you’re just beginning your journey with Wildling’s Empress Collection and starting to see breakouts, you are in the right place. To begin, we recommend you watch THIS VIDEO on breakouts & gua sha by Wildling co-founder and holistic esthetician Britta Plug. Experiencing congestion on the face & neck can happen as you begin to move stagnant energy with gua sha and create lymphatic drainage and detoxification at a deeper level.
If you’re beginning to see breakouts during the first few weeks of the ritual, and breakouts aren’t common for you, it’s likely this deeper detoxification is the cause. Focus on the neck, like in the diagram below, until things begin to clear up. empress-collection-and-breakouts

Breakouts & Gua Sha

Wildling’s Empress Oil and Empress Tonic are great for all skin types and are suitable if experiencing breakouts. If you know you have breakout-prone skin, however, we suggest investing in our LUMIN Three-in-One Oil as well. This product was specifically formulated with skin congestion in mind. All Wildling products work together synergistically to promote skin barrier health, nourish the skin, and heal imbalances in tone and appearance of skin. To find out more about the Lumin Collection and breakouts, head to this blog.

Empress Products & Breakouts


EMPRESS TONIC: Contains some of the most potent botanicals on the planet for stimulating the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system clears toxins from the tissues and optimal circulation keeps the skin clear and bright. The tonic will work to ease breakouts, while hydrating and detoxifying concurrently. EMPRESS OIL: Brimming with antibacterial Balm of Gilead & Resin Nutrient Complex! We chose these powerhouse ingredients, used for thousands of years as beauty elixirs, for their serious results. The bonus is that they are also cure-alls used for healing wounds & first aid, thus their antibacterial properties make them suitable for acne prone skin.

FAQ: Breakouts & Empress

I just started performing gua sha and I noticed my skin is breaking out, why is this happening?

Answer: When you begin doing gua sha you are stirring up stagnant lymph, blood, and qi in the tissues. As your skin detoxes, the “gunk” in your skin comes up to the surface to clear. Sometimes this is in the form of minor breakouts.

Solution: Use downward strokes on the neck until the acne clears, then resume the full ritual. Be sure that you are using gentle pressure.

I have acne, can I perform gua sha?

Answer: Yes, gua sha does help clear acne by moving the lymph, blood, and qi. Please note, you will never gua sha directly over active breakouts. Additionally, our LUMIN COLLECTION and LUMIN CUPPING SET are recommended for addressing breakouts.

Solution: Instead, work on the neck in downward strokes until the acne begins to clear. Once your skin begins to clear, you can perform the Empress Ritual over areas of your face that are break-out free. Consider our LUMIN COLLECTION for breakout prone skin.

What Wildling products are best for breakouts?

Answer: While all our products are suitable for acneic skin types, our LUMIN Collection was specifically formulated for breakouts.

Solution: If experiencing occasional breakouts, follow these steps with your Empress products. If you know you have acne-prone skin, consider investing in our LUMIN line as well.
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Final Thoughts Acne and blemish-prone skin can be tricky to resolve. We always recommend being kind to yourself, loving your skin as is, and practicing patience. Hydrating, getting enough sleep, eating well, and moving your body are vital elements to balancing and alleviating skin conditions. Incorporate these practices in tandem with consistent use of Wildling’s products. For ongoing skin conditions that are not improving over time, please consider seeking care from a healthcare practitioner. For tips on incorporating your Lumin Collection into a skincare routine as someone with acne-prone skin, check out THIS BLOG.