Oil Cleansing & Facial Massage: The Ultimate Duo

Oil Cleansing & Facial Massage: The Ultimate Duo

Considering a swap to oil cleansing? Interested in the effects of gua sha, but not the best at sticking to super specific techniques? Curious about the many benefits of facial massage? Acne prone? 

Then we’ve got just the duo set for you. Meet Wildling’s newest powerhouse couple in our Duo Set category: the Lumin Duo

This mini-kit combines the healing & calming benefits of our Lumin Mushroom with clarifying and cleansing elements of the Lumin Three-in-One Oil. Appropriate for all skin types, this combo is especially beneficial for those with blemish-prone, sensitive, or easily irritated skin. 

Why, exactly? The answer is simple: oil cleansing pulls impurities and toxins out of skin while facial massage boosts circulation, tones the skin, and promotes lymphatic drainage. But this isn’t just any oil cleanser & facial massage tool. The Wildling difference is always our carefully-crafted products. Take a peek below for details on maximizing the benefits of your Lumin Duo, how to correctly oil cleanse, and why our Lumin Mushroom & Three-In-One Oil are specifically engineered to deliver maximum results. 

How the Lumin Duo Works:  

  • The Lumin Mushroom is hand-crafted from white jade, a cooling & calming stone known to alleviate inflammation. 
  • The smooth edges of this tool calm the nervous system while working more oil deeply into the skin. 
  • Facial massage with the Lumin Mushroom releases facial tension and improves blood flow & qi around face and neck.
  • The Lumin Three-in-One Oil boasts a clarifying combo of seabuckthorn, passionflower, and lavender; it’s designed to nourish the skin while simultaneously cleansing & detoxifying any congestion. 
  • Prepping skin with Wildling’s Lumin Three-in-One Oil creates the perfect slip for our cooling, calming Lumin Mushroom. 


How to Use Your Lumin Duo

  • As with any Wildling Ritual, begin by becoming still & centered, and taking a few deep breaths.
  • Cleanse skin. Pump a generous amount of Lumin Three-in-One Oil into your hands, rub together, and massage over face and neck. (You’ll likely want to have longer hair off your face & neck for this). 
  • Next, grab your Lumin Mushroom and glide along your face and neck with the broad, circular side in a rocking motion. For more on how to master these moves, check out this video
  • Use the pointed tip for acupressure points, such as alleviating a headache, releasing jaw tension or targeting the delicate under-eye area.
  • Remember to go slow, breathe, and hydrate afterwards. 
  • Once finished with your facial massage, remove oil cleanser with Wildling’s Lumin Cloud Cloth and warm water. Take a peek at this tutorial for details on how to correctly remove oil cleanser.
  • Apply another round of the Lumin Three-in-One Oil onto your freshly cleansed skin as a finishing oil & moisturizer.
  • Observe and enjoy your glowing skin!

 We hope you’ll give our brand new clarifying, healing, and calming set, the Lumin Duo, a try.

Check out this video below for further details!