It’s Here! Meet Wildling’s New Lumin Collection.

It’s Here! Meet Wildling’s New Lumin Collection.

Reviewed by: Britta Plug

We have news. And it’s major.

We couldn’t be any more elated to announce that Wildling’s brand new Lumin Collection has officially launched! 

After pouring so much love, dedication, and energy into creating the Lumin Collection, we are over the moon that the time has come to introduce it to you, our incredible and inspiring community. 

Read on for the scoop on all things Lumin: how it works, what it’s great for, what’s in it, how to properly use it, and so much more. 

We’re branching out. 

It’s been a journey. 

Wildling just celebrated our three year birthday this October and, as a small, female-founded and self-started biz, we’re pretty proud of what we’ve accomplished to date. Our Empress line, our Aura line, and now, our Lumin line have all been labors of love. 

The Empress Collection shines for smoothing skin, evening tone, sculpting facial features, and creating serious lift while the Aura Collection is all about releasing tight muscles, stimulating lymphatic flow, and breaking up bound fascia on the body. In our new Lumin Collection, we’re carving out a whole new zone when it comes to embracing serious skin-health, the Wildling way.

This collection was crafted for clarifying blemish-prone skin and it’s super powers are alleviating acne, soothing sensitive skin, calming skin inflammation and congestion, and creating seriously glowing results. 


What’s the Lumin Ritual?

The Lumin Collection is a complete facial cupping system. It’s inspired by traditional Chinese Medicine practices and includes our Lumin Three-In-One Oil, Lumin Cupping Set, Lumin Cloud Cloth, & Lumin Mushroom. 

To put it simply, the Lumin Ritual is your new Wildling BFF for calming, clearing, and detoxifying the skin. The Lumin Ritual consists of cleansing with our Lumin Three-In-One Oil, cupping freshly cleansed skin with our Lumin Cupping Set, washing it all away with our Lumin Cloud Cloth, and then finishing the experience off with our Lumin Mushroom Tool. 

Get the full breakdown here: The Lumin Ritual.

*We formulated everything in the collection with blemish-prone and sensitive skin in mind, but all skin types can benefit from using Lumin. 


What is inside the Lumin Collection? 

We’re all in on this luxurious box set! As with all our collection sets, the Lumin Collection kit features absolutely everything you need for a complete self-care ritual. 

Here’s what’s inside: 

  • LUMIN THREE-IN-ONE OIL: Gently clarifies pores, balances, and soothes skin. Improves the appearance of dark spots and redness. A cleansing antioxidant oil intended to be used as a cleanser, a preparation for facial cupping, and as an everyday moisturizer.


  • LUMIN CUPPING SET: Stimulates, clears, and detoxifies the skin as well as the layers underneath. Breaks up stagnation and congestion in the tissues while stimulating qi and blood flow while also stimulating the lymphatic system to clear waste from the tissues.


  • LUMIN CLOUD CLOTH: Exceptionally soft, this organic cotton and bamboo cloth gently removes oil and impurities without irritating the skin. When oil cleansing, remove Lumin Three-In-One Oil with the Lumin Cloud Cloth dampened with warm water.


  • LUMIN MUSHROOM: This white Jade tool calms, and de-puffs the skin to minimize redness and inflammation. It gently aids in the absorption of serums and oils and promotes healthy lymphatic flow in the skin.


Who is the Lumin Collection for? 

Wildling’s Lumin Collection was designed with blemish-prone skin in mind. It targets existing breakouts and works to prevent future ones gently, naturally, and supportively. 

Facial cupping clarifies and purifies the skin while oil cleansing sweeps skin clean on a deeper level. Our white jade mushroom tool, also included in the set, calms irritated skin while sculpting & lifting. This is a great alternative if you’re feeling a little too sensitive for our traditional Empress Ritual


How do I use the Lumin Collection?

We’re so excited to debut a Cupping Collection. Cupping is a healing modality that dates back to 200 AD and is rooted in TCM. We love cupping for so many reasons. When it comes to facial cupping, always keep it light and don’t go too hard with the suction. Remember: you never want to bruise the face! 

The Lumin Three-in-One is a makeup remover, oil cleanser, and finishing oil. If you’ve never worked with an oil cleanser before, it can feel a bit scary… especially for blemish-prone babes. We get it. But oil cleansing is proven to be extremely healing and safe for acneic skin types, so don’t shy away from giving this ritual a try.

Remember to start on dry skin, use a generous amount of product, and wash off well with warm water & a washcloth. Oil cleansing can be performed in lieu of foaming/soap cleanser. 

The full Lumin Ritual can be found here: The Lumin Ritual and be sure to follow us on instagram, youtube, and tiktok for more tutorials. 


When can I get my hands on it?

 Shop the sale now: Lumin Collection and stay tuned for individual Lumin items as they come online in the next few weeks. We can’t wait to hear what you think! 

For a deeper look at the Lumin Ritual, follow along with Wildling co-founder Britta Plug in the video below.