How to Perform Wildling’s Signature Empress Ritual in Real Time

How to Perform Wildling’s Signature Empress Ritual in Real Time

Reviewed by: Britta Plug

Gua Sha has been having a serious moment lately. 

Facial massage and manual lifting & sculpting techniques seem to be popping up all over the place and there’s no shortage of reels, tiktoks, and shorts available to give you the quick & dirty skinny on these techniques. In fact, you can find all these options on Wildling’s own IG, Tiktok, and Youtube channels!

It’s true that you can get a good amount of info out of these fast & furious skincare tips … and we’re happy to provide them. However, one of the things we’re always promoting here at Wildling is to really slow down when performing your Empress Ritual (and, hey, just to really slow down in general).  

 We recommend that a full Empress Ritual last about 10 minutes, longer if you want to seriously luxuriate and become present. The question we get a lot when we recommend this type of practice is: ‘can you show us?’  

The answer? Yes!  

We’d love to.  

We have a few different videos reviewing the 10 Minute Empress Ritual in real time. Feel free to take a peek and follow along here and here. We can’t stress the benefit you’ll see - both in your skin and in your mood - when you really take the time for this moving meditation. The Empress Ritual was specifically created as a time to become centered and drop in.  Skincare as a nourishing, gentle, and restorative form of self-care is so valuable, and gua sha is a perfect expression of this. 

By utilizing the contents of our Empress Collection, you’ll enjoy the maximum benefits of this soothing and decadent at-home ritual. 

 In this video, we’ll review:  

  • Correct technique and order during the Empress Ritual 
  • How much pressure to apply and where 
  • The importance of breathing before, during, and after your ritual 
  • Which edges of the Empress Stone to use where 
  • How to hold your Empress Stone 
  • Prepping the skin with the Empress Tonic & Empress Oil
  • “Anchoring” methods 
  • Lifting techniques 

 And so much more! Check it out below and enjoy.