A community bound
by honest ingredients

creating a community of self-loving beauty

At Wildling, we believe in harnessing the wisdom of nature to restore the body’s innate beauty and flow. Wise women across time have maintained their beauty through sophisticated self-care rituals based on a deep understanding of plants and herbs.

By practicing these rituals today we can restore our connection with nature, transform the skin, and enhance well-being. Wildling invites you to return to simplicity and rediscover a form of beauty that is non-toxic, sustainable, and wild.

It’s not just skincare. It’s self-care.

Jill Munson

Master beauty product developer, studied herbalist, brand strategist, and mama to two boys.

Gianna de la Torre

Chinese medicine scholar, acupuncturist, certified yoga teacher 5000+ hours, mama to Rio.

Britta Plug

Holistic esthetician, gua sha expert, self-loving beauty educator, lymph lover.

aura oil

Natural and Effective

We work with local farms, sustainably wild foraged plants, and global fair trade communities. Each plant is harvested at peak potency in its thriving habitat.