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Beauty grounded in the connectivity
of plants, stones and the cosmos


Wildling exists to support skin longevity and overall wellbeing with beauty and wellness solutions grounded in the connective force of plants, stones and the cosmos. We share skincare, beauty tools and wellness rituals accompanied by the expertise and guidance of a acupuncturist, herbalist, and holistic esthetician.


The soulmate-ship of an acupuncturist, herbalist and holistic esthetician.

“It’s like, in that moment, the whole universe
existed just to bring us together.”
– Serendipity

“Call it a cosmic force or the pull of the universe, but that’s exactly what brought us together. All three of us attended the same beauty and wellness workshop and in a crowd of like minded students, we magically found each other. We discovered we had similar professional paths, only different specialties, and all shared a passion for holistic and energetic healing. For us, this was anything but a coincidental crossing of paths. It was a cosmic intervention that led to the creation of Wildling.

We are an acupuncturist, herbalist and holistic esthetician interconnected by the curative principles of plants and stones and the influence of the universe on skin longevity and whole-body healing. We share a deep-rooted connection to herbal and Chinese medicine through professional education and training, yet we each bring a unique point of view of the brand. We infuse our connective energy—the same gravitational force that pulled us together—into every formula, scent, texture and ritual so you have a more grounded, transformative and spiritual experience.

That’s the beauty of WIldling.”
xx Britta, GIanna, Jill

Whole Plant Actives

Our products are formulated with powerful botanical infusions — not added essential oils, which can irritate sensitive skin. Each ingredient is intentionally chosen for its unique benefit to the skin and to complement gua sha, lymph drainage, and a youthful glow.

empress oil

Nature Knows Beauty

We work with local farms, sustainably wild foraged plants, and global fair trade communities. Each plant is harvested at peak potency in its thriving habitat.