Empress Ritual 101: Learn to Lift, Plump, Sculpt, and De-Puff

Empress Ritual 101: Learn to Lift, Plump, Sculpt, and De-Puff

 Looking for the basics? You found it! Take a peek at this in-depth Empress Ritual 101 course, which offers a perfect introduction to all things Empress with Wildling Co-Founder Britta Plug.  

This class is perfect for Empress Ritual beginners and seasoned pros alike. In it, you'll learn comprehensive information on the purpose of each move within Wildling’s Empress Ritual. Review the ideal pressure, correct posture, angle of the tool, and more with Britta as she walks you through each step of the Empress Ritual. Learn how to lift, plump, sculpt, and de-puff with facial gua sha. We recommend watching this video with clean skin and following along with your Empress Collection.


In this workshop, Britta will cover: 

  • The Step-by-Step Empress Ritual 
  • Breathwork & mindfulness throughout your gua sha routine 
  • Proper technique: how to hold your tool, how much pressure to apply
  • Prepping the skin with our Empress Tonic and  Empress Oil for maximum benefit
  • What benefits can we expect from consistent gua sha use?
  • What’s the Wildling difference?


And much more! Ideal for those just dipping their toes into the gua sha game or anyone needing a refresher on best practices for your Empress Collection.