Wildling’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Wildling’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s official: the holiday season is upon us. 

With the past couple years unlike any others (to put it mildly!), we’re over the moon about getting into the swing of seasonal festivities, traditions, and gatherings once more. It’s extra special to spend time IRL with those nearest & dearest to us, and we sense some serious celebrating in the near future. 

However you choose to honor this time of year, there’s a good chance there’s a little gift-giving on the horizon. Here at Wildling, we offer a complete range of decadent skincare & self-care options, so consider yourself covered for whatever your gifting needs may be.

Stocking stuffers, presents under $100, deluxe Collection kits, and bundle-boxes with built in savings… you name it, we’ve got it. The best part? Our earth-friendly and sustainably-sourced packaging is so gorgeous, you’ll wonder if these gifts even need to be wrapped at all.

Read on for our ultimate 2021 Wildling Holiday Gift Guide. 


Stocking Stuffers 

Put a little love into anyone’s holiday season with our Stone Pouch, Aura Sweeper, or Lumin Cupping Set. Retailing at $19, $35 and $35, respectively,  these items are perfect pops of Wildling luxury.  

Stone Pouch: Ideal for anyone who already owns one of our signature Beauty Tools, or simply likes pretty little pouches. Protects the Aura Stone, Empress Stone, and Empress Wand. 

Aura Sweeper: Great for your self-care loving friend, family member, or partner. Perfect as a post-workout recovery tool, or pre-bath body-care ritual. 

Lumin Cupping Set: Appropriate for all skin types including teen & blemish-prone, this beautifully packaged cupping set contains one large and one tiny cup, a perfect choice for the natural skincare enthusiast. 


Gifts Under $100

Wildling’s signature beauty tools give off seriously lush vibes without a hefty price tag. Our individual stones are beautifully packaged and designed to soothe, smooth, and tone the face & body. All are priced at $65. 

Choose one of our stones for a true treat that will create some serious glow as well as calm the nervous system for years to come. 

Aura Stone: Our gua sha tool for the whole body, this baby is perfect for anyone looking to alleviate sore muscles, aches, and pains as well as tone up all over. The Aura Stone reduces muscle tension, increases healthy blood flow & qi, and breaks up bound fascia. 

Empress Stone: Our #1 bestseller, widely considered the superior gua sha tool. This signature stone lifts, plumps, sculpt, and soothes. Simply a perfect present, for anyone!

Empress Wand: An intuitive facial massage tool that alleviates jaw tension, TMJ, neck stiffness, and tension headaches. The ideal choice for those who could use some serious stress-relief and/or spend a lot of time looking at screens. (AKA… all of us!) 

Lumin Mushroom: Our newest facial tool is made from cooling, calming white jade. It’s designed to calm inflammation, soothe the nervous system, and release facial tension. The Lumin Mushroom is great for blemish-prone skin or anyone with sensitive skin conditions; it works to soothe, heal and restore the skin.


Bundled Savings 

A quick note about our Tool Kits: they come with 20% built-in savings and arrive in a box set so pretty, they’re essentially a complete Collection kit at a deep discount. Shhh … don’t tell anyone! At $104 each, these duo kits are a seriously super present for the gua sha lover in your life. 

Empress & Aura Duo: Combines our one and only Empress Stone for face with our blissful body gua sha, the Aura Stone 

Empress Tool Duo: Double down on lifting, sculpting, toning, and soothing the face and neck with the Empress Wand & Empress Stone, together in a single box set. 


Full Collection Sets

Our signature box sets, the Lumin Collection, Empress Collection, and Aura Collection, are complete skincare rituals, wrapped up in a perfectly packaged and beautiful box. An absolutely perfect present.

Lumin Collection: A complete cupping & cooling ritual inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine. It includes the Lumin Three-In-One Oil, Lumin Cupping Set, Lumin Cloud Cloth, and Lumin Mushroom. Formulated to clarify, detoxify, and heal. Perfect for all skin types and ages, especially blemish prone.
Empress Collection: Our ultimate gift set and the only complete facial gua sha kit. Includes our Empress Stone, Empress Tonic, and Empress Oil and is formulated to lift, sculpt, and tone. Ideal for natural skincare fanatics. 

Aura Collection: A four part bodywork system that includes our Aura Sweeper, Aura Stone, Aura Activator, and Aura Oil. Perfect for releasing tight muscles, stimulating lymphatic flow, and smoothing/evening tone all over. Ideal for spa-lovers and workout enthusiasts. 


Whatever option works for you, we are truly grateful that you've chosen Wildling. You are choosing the path of self-loving beauty.


Happy Holidays to all!