Why Facial Cupping is Our Go-To For Acne Prone Skin

Why Facial Cupping is Our Go-To For Acne Prone Skin

Facial cupping = our BFF for breakout-prone skin. Have you had a chance to try facial cupping yet? Maybe you’ve had body cupping before and are feeling less than enthused about the idea of circular bruises forming along your face and neck. Fear not!

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Turns out, this TCM method for restoring vitality and energy flow in the body translates seamlessly to facial care, with just a few tweaks and adjustments. And we promise - no bruising. The premise is the same: both encourage circulation, move stagnant energy, and reduce toxins. While body cupping is great for reducing pain and alleviating stress, facial cupping shines when it comes to healing breakouts, balancing skin, and alleviating redness.

Wildling’s newest line, the Lumin Collection, is centered on healing acne-prone and inflamed skin through this 100% natural and skin-soothing modality. Cupping stimulates, clears, and detoxifies the skin as well as the layers underneath. Unlike gua sha, which applies pressure to lift and tone, cupping works the opposite way - it creates gentle suction, breaking up congestion in the tissues while simultaneously stimulating qi and blood flow. It also works to activate the lymphatic system, clearing waste from the tissues. Dating back to 200 AD, this Traditional Chinese Medicine method is your modern day answer for skin woes.

Just like our Empress Ritual takes the concepts of body gua sha and creates a face-friendly routine, our LUMIN Ritual takes the TCM practice of cupping and translates it for the face and neck.

To experience the benefits of facial cupping using our Lumin Cupping Set, we recommend always pairing with Wildling’s Lumin Three-In-One Oil. Follow along with this video, this video, or this video for further details. By cupping with gliding motions or performing gentle pump and release methods, you’ll increase circulation and promote lymphatic drainage while encouraging skin to detoxify. Additionally, cupping assists in reducing the heat and inflammation tied to acne. The result? A natural way to heal blemishes, courtesy of facial cupping.

Check out this video below, where Wildling co-founder and holistic esthetician Britta Plug demos specific cupping techniques with the Lumin Cupping Set.