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What is The Difference Between
Body Gua Sha vs. Facial Gua Sha?

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What is The Difference Between Body Gua Sha vs. Facial Gua Sha?

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 Traditional Chinese Medicine doesn't differentiate between gua sha on the face vs. gua sha on the body. Gua sha is gua sha, but the technique is very different.  We at Wildling have designed patented tools specifically for face and body, so it helps us to define body vs. facial gua sha.

Gua Sha Ritual for Body + Face

If you've found gua sha on TikTok or Insta, you probably envision a chest-up only situation. And while it’s true that a lot of gua sha techniques focus on the lymphatic drainage and soothing of the facial muscles, you can also impart this same ancient wisdom on other parts of your body as well. In fact, that’s the more traditional way. And since we’re currently in a space where being present is everything, what better time to extend your daily gua sha ritual to your whole body? 

We’ll walk you through a top-to-bottom gua sha routine so you’ll learn the benefits of both, how they differ, and when to focus on one rather than the other. You’ll leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on whatever you have planned whether that’s a day packed full of meetings, or some you-time in the sun.  

Facial Gua Sha Tips

 If you’re about to embark on a full-body gua sha journey, start at the top. Prep your face and neck with the Empress Tonic and a few drops of the Empress Oil, and hold your Empress Stone at a 45 degree angle. Scrape gently outward and upwards to bring blood flow to the surface, help with circulation doesn’t it feel good? Smooth out any fine lines and wrinkles, as facial gua sha stimulates elastin and collagen. Pay attention to what your skin needs, but 5-7 scrapes per spot is usually a good amount. 

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Add more oil to your neck and focus on your lymph nodes this is where all the good lymphatic drainage will happen. Focus here if you’re feeling a little sick, and gua sha can help boost immunity. You can also use both sides of your tool on your chest and décolletage as you work your way down, as your chest area is often where we hold our emotional stress. 

Bonus points if you light a candle and put some soothing music on for mood. 

Body Gua Sha Tips

Body gua sha is more closely connected to the original practice of Chinese bodywork techniques, and can be very energizing and healing especially after a hard workout, if you’ve been on your feet all day, or if you have a desk job. 

We’ve developed a four step process to reap the healing, energizing benefits. Using our Aura Sweeper, dry brush your whole body in brisk circles to stimulate lymphatic flow and warm up tissue. Then, apply our French seaweed-infused body serum Aura Activator to hydrate and plump the skin. Next, our Aura Oil with wild rose pepper should be applied to the skin to prep for gua sha.  

Using the Aura Stone, get things flowing by scraping your tool up your IT bands (hi, runners), calf muscles, and shins. Working your way into your hands and wrists can be beneficial for those with carpal tunnel, and upper arms and shoulders release tension. Using gua sha on the top of your hips is great for anyone to smooth and sculpt.

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Finish with a mini foot massage and move your tool up and down the tops and bottoms of your feet, which can be super healing for those suffering from foot pain. Stay here as long as you like, and stretch lightly when you’re ready for your day. 

Don’t forget to drink lots of water when you’re done, and maybe treat yourself to an epsom salt bath. This time is yours!