Stress-Melting Magic with the EMPRESS WAND

Stress-Melting Magic with the EMPRESS WAND

Stress-Melting Magic

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Stress-Melting Magic with the EMPRESS WAND

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Reviewed by: Britta Plug

How do we love our Empress Wand? In oh-so-many ways.


So many of us experience stress on the daily, and seeking out little ways to help slow down, catch our breath, and alleviate tension is crucial for our overall health & wellbeing. Sure, long yoga classes, slow guided meditations, and (even better!) lazy vacation days sound lovely - but what about when you need relaxation and you need it now? Enter, the Empress Wand. Just a few minutes devoted to loosening up the neck, temples, or jaw can have serious health benefits and create some much needed tension-relief in your day.


Read on to find out how to utilize the stress-melting magic of Wildling’s Empress Wand to combat tension, carve out a little ‘you time’, and improve mood - even if you only have a few minutes to spare.


Stress-Melting Ritual with Wildling’s Empress Wand: 


Pro tip: we recommend performing each stroke at least three times, moving slowly, and breathing deeply.

  • Prepare for your ritual by taking a few deep inhales and exhales, and settling somewhere you won’t be disturbed 

  • Next, prep freshly cleansed skin by spraying the Empress Tonic all over, followed by the Empress Oil 

  • Use the Empress Wand as an intuitive facial massage tool, targeting anywhere you experience tension and some places you may not realize you carry it. We suggest the temples, the masseter (where the jawline connects), the forehead, around the eyes and the back of the neck 

  • Whatever you do on one side, mirror on the other 

  • If you find any knots, breathe into them and move slowly. This can encourage a release.

  • Make small, firm circles around the big jaw muscle — the masseter, which is the muscle we use to chew, tighten the jaw, and when we grind our teeth — to encourage release. Ease up on pressure if it feels tender.

  • For inspiration, check out our EMPRESS WAND PLAYLIST, which has tons of helpful tutorials and resources 

This ritual is helpful if you get tension headaches or simply need to unwind after an overwhelming day. If you grind your teeth, taking three minutes to do this in the morning can help bring you into your day with less constriction and more expansion. 

Check out the workshop below for more information on relieving jaw tension with the Empress Wand and remember to always use your Empress Wand (or Stone!) in conjunction with Wildling’s Empress Tonic and Empress Oil.