Aquarius Full Moon Facial Cupping Ritual

Aquarius Full Moon Facial Cupping Ritual

Aquarius Full Moon
Facial Cupping Ritual

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Aquarius Full Moon Facial Cupping Ritual

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On Thursday August 11 at 6:36 PM PST, we welcome the full moon in Aquarius. This full moon shines a bright light on the way we heal and care for ourselves, and it is such a lovely time to work with the waters of the body. The moon rules the tides, so it’s always closely linked to the energy of water, but with this month’s placement in Aquarius, the water bearer,  this connection is especially potent.  


We’re turning our focus to a soothing and calming Lumin cupping routine in order  to honor this cooling, calming Aquarius full moon - a perfect counterpoint to the fiery, passionate energy of sunny, summery Leo. 


With everyone’s focus on the last few weeks of true summer, we’re likely enjoying as many sunny days and social gatherings as possible. This full moon encourages us to take a little break, a moment for ourselves. Think of it as a cool, refreshing dip in water to combat the heat of the day. 


A perfect way to embrace this Leo Sun/Aquarius Full Moon occurrence? In our eyes, it’s some self-loving skincare of course! A rejuvenating facial cupping ritual, using the Lumin Cupping Set and Lumin Three-in-One Oil, sounds just right. 


Read on for the details and follow along below with Wildling co-founder Britta Plug for a real-time demonstration. 


10 Min Facial Cupping - In Real Time 


In case you missed it, facial cupping is AMAZING for instant depuffing, toning, plumping fine lines, and deep cleansing. It feels great and has positive effects on the nervous system. Here’s how to prepare for your Lumin Cupping Ritual: 


  • Find somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed for this practice 

  • Have a cool glass of water nearby - bonus points for lemon, cucumber, or other infusions 

  • Apply plenty of Wildling’s  Lumin 3-in-1 Oil and  do some neck stretches

  • Take some deep belly breaths to prepare for lymph drainage.

  • Follow along, moving from décolleté to stimulating key  lymph points for drainage, work up the face, and get into the details with the tiny cup.

  • Remember to go slow and stay present during your Lumin Ritual. 

  • Extra Credit: May we suggest performing your ritual in the moonlight, to fully call in the energy of this Aquarius ‘Sturgeon Moon’? 

  • Reminder: do not cup directly over areas with injections, over broken skin (wound or breakout) over broken capillaries, visible veins, over very thin skin, skin that bruises easily, or skin cancer.


Follow along with the video below for specifics. Enjoy your Lumin Cupping Ritual and we wish you a beautiful full moon in Aquarius.