Oil Cleansing 101: The Secret to Radiant Skin

Oil Cleansing 101: The Secret to Radiant Skin

The journey towards radiant skin begins with understanding your unique skincare needs.

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Whether your skin type is dry, oily, or somewhere in between, oil cleansing might be the answer you’ve been looking for. 

In a world brimming with skincare products, sometimes going back to the roots and embracing natural oils offers a nourishing solution. Oils like olive oil, jojoba oil, and coconut oil are traditional options, but seabuckthorn oil is a new, powerful ingredient in the skincare scene — and it just might be your new go-to (more on that later). 

Unlike traditional face wash, oil cleansing hydrates and respects the skin's natural oils. This ancient method supports all skin types, from blemish-prone to sensitive skin, making it a versatile part of your skincare routine.

But especially if you have blemish-prone skin or an otherwise tricky complexion, the idea of oil cleansing may set off alarm bells for you. Don’t stress — let’s break down oil cleansing together and talk about why it can be beneficial for many different skin types and complexion concerns.


Oil cleansing involves using natural oils, like our Lumin Seabuckthorn Brightening Oil, as a gentle makeup remover and face wash. The principle of "like dissolves like" means that oil-based products can dissolve and lift excess oil, impurities, and even stubborn mascara from your face. 

While water-soluble and water-based cleansers tend to dissolve before they really dig deep into your pores due to the oil present there, oil cleansers can penetrate more deeply into your skin. This can help properly clean your pores, which in turn can help ease breakouts and minimize the overall appearance of your pores (especially if you’re dealing with enlargement).


Oil cleansing gives you the opportunity to embrace a skincare ritual that works with, not against, your skin's natural oils. 

It’s a method that can be tailored to suit all skin types, from oily to dry, and the science behind it is simple: oil dissolves oil. 

An oil cleanser can remove makeup, sunscreen, and grime without stripping the skin of its essential oils. In addition to being an effective cleansing agent, oil is also an occlusive — which means it can help seal moisture into your skin rather than stripping it away. This makes oil cleansing decidedly different from lesser cleansers, packed with harsh surfactants that can leave your skin feeling dry and stripped. With our Lumin Seabuckthorn Brightening Oil and Cloud Cloth, you can enjoy brightening, smoothing, and protective benefits for an overall radiant complexion. 

For these reasons, oil cleansing can work for all skin types. For blemish-prone skin, it helps in lifting sebum that clogs pores, helping to soothe breakouts. Those with dry skin will find it hydrating, as it replenishes moisture. Oils like sweet almond oil and evening primrose offer nourishing antioxidants. Add toner and moisturizer, and you have a complete cleansing routine.


Selecting the best cleansing oil is key to a successful oil cleansing method. Consider natural oils like jojoba, argan, and even coconut oil to start. If you can tell what the source of the oil is, then we tend to think it’s a better choice than other options, but the right cleansing oil for your skin will depend on your individual complexion.

If you’re concerned about trying a new product or are worried about an oil-based cleanser causing breakouts, it’s worthwhile to patch-test a new product before implementing broader use. Once you have an oil cleanser you’re happy with, it’s time to talk about how to execute the oil cleansing method for brighter, more radiant skin.


Knowing how to oil cleanse is key for maximum benefits. While some skin types may be happy with only using an oil cleanser, we prefer to use the double cleansing method for even more skin goodness. 

The cleansing routine begins with the application of an oil-based cleanser, like those infused with nourishing and natural oils like seabuckthorn oil, found in our Lumin Seabuckthorn Brightening Oil. Applying these oils directly to dry skin ensures that the skin's natural oils are not stripped away, providing a nourishing and hydrating experience.

After working the oil cleanser over the face and neck, a touch of warm water is added to create a milky texture. The removal technique involves using a damp, warm washcloth, gently wiping away the oil cleanser to leave the skin feeling nourished without dryness. Using your oil-based cleanser first is designed to lift and dissolve impurities, such as makeup, sunscreen, and sebum. Be sure to always remove oil using a warm washcloth.

The second part of the double cleansing method involves a water-based cleanser that not only removes excess oil but also moisturizes and delivers necessary nutrients. This is the step that will allay the fears of anyone prone to blemishes because it ensures you’re not left feeling slick or oily after oil-cleansing — but you’re also not left with your skin feeling dry and tight.

For the second step, we like using our Starnectar™ Barrier Protect Marshmallow Jelly Cleanser. It’s a brightening, skin-softening blend infused with calming Moonstone. The warm and mildly sweet scent of the cleanser is thanks to Tonka Bean Butter, Plum Kernel Oil, and Balsam Copaiba. 

It helps maintain balanced oil production, nourishes the skin barrier, and works to support the skin during free radical exposure with ingredients like antioxidants and essential oils. 

Gentle enough for sensitive skin and the eye area, our Starnectar™ Barrier Protect Marshmallow Jelly Cleanser helps dissolve makeup and your daily SPF without stripping natural oils, leaving the skin refreshed, plump, and dewy. Using this gentle cleanser is simple — just apply it to dry skin after your oil-cleansing step, then add water to create a milky texture before wiping it away with a warm washcloth. Use our Reflexology Spoon to scoop the product, ensuring an even application.

While you can incorporate oil cleansing into either or both your morning and evening routine — and this may be worthwhile if you have dry or dehydrated skin — it’s most beneficial as part of your evening routine when you’re trying to wash away all of the dirt, bacteria, and beauty products you’ve used during the day.

Some Extra Tips To Master Oil Cleansing

Embracing oil cleansing requires an understanding of your skin type and needs. Whether you are prone to dryness or excess oil, selecting the right oil cleanser is key. Products with natural oils like seabuckthorn, argan, and evening primrose provide hydrating and nourishing benefits. 

Double cleansing, particularly popular in Korean skincare, adds an extra layer of purity, ensuring all makeup and grime are removed. Using a damp washcloth with warm water helps in this process. 

Follow with a toner to support the skin's pH and a moisturizer to lock in hydration. Practical tips like these ensure that oil cleansing becomes a seamless part of your skincare routine, maximizing benefits without over-complicating the process.


Oil's role in skincare goes beyond cleansing! Some of the same qualities that make oil cleansing so effective make it a useful element to look for in other products. 

Because oil is an occlusive, it’s helpful for hydrating your skin and locking nutrients into your complexion to ensure you get the most out of all of your ingredients — that’s what makes it such a core part of our Empress Balm of Gilead Barrier Repair Oil

By using occlusives in your skincare routine, you can also cut down on TEWL (or transepidermal water loss) throughout the day, which can help optimize your skin barrier, address dehydrated skin, and support balance if you have a dry skin type in general.

Our barrier oil uses ingredients like squalane and vitamin E to nourish your skin with further hydrating ingredients and protective antioxidants to help minimize the look of signs of aging over time. This oil-based moisturizer provides an extra layer of hydration, and even those with oily skin can benefit from rosehip and sweet almond oils. 

Incorporate this repair oil into your skincare routine as a nourishing boost, following your oil cleansing. Alongside occasional gentle exfoliation and daily sun protection, it’s an important part of a well-rounded skincare routine! 


At Wildling, we celebrate the connection between nature and our being. Oil cleansing is a manifestation of this connection. By embracing the right oils for your skin type, you unlock a path to radiant skin. 

From the simplicity of the oil cleansing method to the science behind oil-based skincare products, oils can be extremely beneficial to your skin.

Embracing the nourishing and healing properties of oils not only ensures a healthy skin barrier but also aligns with the environmental consciousness of using sustainable and natural products. The profound effect of oils on both appearance and well-being is a testament to their essential role in the evolving landscape of skincare. Oil cleansing is just one way to use natural oils to achieve a brighter, more radiant complexion.


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At Wildling, we celebrate the connection between nature and our being.