Marshmallow Root: An Ancient Secret for Modern Skincare

Marshmallow Root: An Ancient Secret for Modern Skincare

Welcome to the world of marshmallow root, also known as Althaea officinalis — a botanical marvel far removed from campfire confections. 


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In ancient herbal medicine practices, marshmallow root has been used as a healthcare staple across Europe and Africa. Rich in soothing effects, it's been used for centuries to create lozenges, tinctures, and ointments. 

Marshmallow root has a rich and expansive history, it’s relatively easy to identify it as an impressive superhero among the constellation of natural ingredients. With a focus on the protective and nourishing qualities of marshmallow root, and its ability to support skin health, we’re all about this hard-working ingredient. 

Not yet convinced of the power of marshmallow root to transform your skin? Keep reading — we’re diving into all the reasons why you need this ingredient in your skincare ritual.


Marshmallow root, has been used as an herbal medicine for centuries. Its mucilaginous properties have found applications in everything from wound-healing poultices (aka, plant material applied to the body) to soothing lozenges for sore throats. From marshmallow plant creams to marshmallow root teas, the versatility of this herb is timeless.

Long before modern medicine, marshmallow root held a prominent place in both African and European herbal practices. Scholars often point to Egypt as the birthplace of this plant's medicinal use, where the marshmallow plant grew in abundance along the banks of the Nile.

The word "althaea" comes from the Greek "altho," meaning "to cure," highlighting the plant's significance in ancient healthcare traditions. Historically, althaea officinalis was used as a protective layer for the digestive tract and the lining of the stomach, addressing concerns like constipation and heartburn.

Greeks and Romans discovered the antitussive qualities of marshmallow root, using it in cough syrups to alleviate dry coughs. The plant's ability to soothe mucous membranes was well-recognized in early European apothecaries.

In medieval times, marshmallow root was a staple in herbal medicine for its diuretic and emollient properties. It was believed to ease skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis, leading to the creation of salves and ointments. Even the roots and leaves were used in poultices for insect bites and other forms of skin irritation.

Fast forward to the 19th century — marshmallow root continued to inspire. Its extracts found their way into confection recipes, giving birth to the marshmallow we know today. While this sugary delight evolved, the root's medicinal properties remained, often included in modern supplements to support urinary tract and respiratory tract health.

So, we’ve covered the background — let’s jump forward to the present day and talk about the ways marshmallow root can support your skin.


Marshmallow root provides a comforting embrace to the skin — and its ancient wisdom continues to inspire our products. If something has been used so often, for so many uses, for so long… it’s safe to assume that it’s for good reason.

If you want to work marshmallow root into your skincare routine, we’ve got some recommendations. By swapping out a standard cleanser and moisturizer for elevated versions that utilize marshmallow root, you’ll have your complexion glowing in no time.

A Nourishing Cleanser

Within the luxurious blend of our Starnectar™ Barrier Protect Marshmallow Jelly Cleanser, marshmallow root’s supportive nature is brought to the forefront, creating a product that enhances the skin's natural radiance. 

This gentle fusion, enhanced with licorice root and orange peel, melts makeup and impurities while maintaining essential hydration. The infusion of calming Moonstone's vibrations adds a spiritual touch, promising a refreshed, plump, and dewy look. 

Application is a seamless experience. Simply apply to dry skin and remove with a damp washcloth, using our Reflexology Spoon to scoop the product without contamination. Suitable for sensitive skin, our Starnectar™ Cleanser is a tribute to the marshmallow root's timeless connection to skin health.

A Hydrating Moisturizer

Hydration is important to just about every area of your skin’s health. Moisturizing properly helps to promote a high-functioning skin barrier and helps keep your skin looking plump and firm. When you pair the benefits of a good moisturizer with the essence of marshmallow root, you have a recipe destined for success.

Moonbounce™ 2% Bio Retinol Irish Sea Moss Plumping Moisturizer extends marshmallow root's embrace further, merging it with innovative ingredients like Rock Samphire, a gentle plant-based alternative to retinol. The proprietary complex of Bio Retinol and Irish Sea Moss works in harmony to minimize wrinkles and firm skin without causing irritation. Marshmallow root, alongside slippery elm bark, delivers deep hydration to soothe and plump tired skin. 

At Wildling, we’re not about empty promises. The results speak for themselves! After using our plumping moisturizer, 95% of consumers agreed to feeling deeply moisturized after just two uses.

Application of our Moonbounce™ Moisturizer becomes a mindful ritual when applied to freshly cleansed skin. Reflecting our commitment to sustainability, the scents we infuse into our ingredients are complete plant extracts, not essential oils or synthetics. This delicate selection ensures that each product resonates with known skin, mind, and spirit benefits. 

The integration of marshmallow root into our innovative skincare products is a celebration of the past and a vision for the future. It's an intertwining of tradition and science, a careful weaving of ancient herbal medicine with modern skincare.

Perform Gua Sha Massages

In addition to using the right products, there are some techniques that you can practice to help boost the results you get from your skincare regimen. Our Empress Platinum facial sculpting stone can be implemented into your daily routine to give your face the benefits of gua sha massage.

This upgrade to our award-winning Empress Stone is cast in cooling, indestructible stainless steel. It helps to clear heat from your skin and ease redness or puffiness that may be getting in the way of your glow. Our patented design features a groove along the comb edge, allowing the stone to gently grip the tissue of your skin to help optimize lymphatic drainage.

If you’re not familiar with gua sha, it’s an ideal complement to products enriched with historically-used ingredients like marshmallow root, because gua sha, too, has ancient roots. It comes from traditional Chinese medicine, and the idea on a surface level is that it helps your energy flow throughout your body, which can help you to feel your best.

Without techniques like gua sha, your energy may become stagnant, which is thought to lead to health problems. Gua sha is thought to be effective in relieving facial tension — which can have a positive impact on fine lines and wrinkles — and also helpful when it comes to minimizing any inflammation you may be experiencing.

Plus, it’s fun! It’s a great way to promote the benefits of marshmallow root products … and on a mental-emotional level, practicing gua sha can turn your skincare routine into a luxurious opportunity to truly embrace self-care. When your skincare regimen starts to feel like a chore, incorporate some modalities like gua sha to mix things up, and introduce a feeling of specialness to your daily regimen. 


Marshmallow root is a testament to nature's multifaceted brilliance. From the medicinal plants of ancient times to Wildling's modern skincare line, it’s been a symbol of support, comfort, and connection. By embracing marshmallow root in our skincare, we're offering a bridge to nature, supporting overall well-being. 

By celebrating natural ingredients like the marshmallow plant, we’re happy to bring you skincare solutions that connect you with the cosmos, the earth, and your own radiant skin. It's a journey we are thrilled to share, where beauty, wellness, and cosmic wisdom intertwine. 


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By embracing marshmallow root in our skincare, we're offering a bridge to nature, supporting overall well-being.