Find What (Gua Sha Info) You’re Looking For!

Find What (Gua Sha Info) You’re Looking For!

Reviewed by: Britta Plug

Let us ask you a question: what are you looking for? 

Don’t fret. We’re not trying to get all existential on you, we’re simply curious about your gua sha goals! The reason why is simple: there’s so much to learn about this ancient healing modality, and so many different places & ways to learn it across our channels.

The truth is, the amount of benefits our beauty tools and products have are extremely extensive. So much so that it can feel a little overwhelming if you’re just getting started with Wildling. With this in mind, we figured it might be time to create a little ‘filing cabinet’ blog post, if you will. This is the place to start if you’re looking into exactly what you can do with Wildling, and where to find information about how you do it.

Read on for the deetz.


If You’re Just Getting Started:

 Just beginning with all things Wildling? We recommend signing up for our newsletter as well as checking out our beginners videos for the Empress, Empress Wand, & Aura Rituals. Once you’ve taken a peek at those, we’d love you to join our FB Group to chat about all things Wildling, as well as join either our 21 Day Empress or 21 Day Aura Challenge, to really familiarize yourself with the process.

 Here’s where to find these beginner videos: 


If You Have a Specific Goal in Mind

Searching for something in particular? There’s a good chance we’ve covered it, likely in either our IG content or our YouTube page. Make sure you’re following us in both places and then feel free to look around for the ‘goal’ you have in mind. Jaw tension, eye rejuvenation, wrinkle erasing, acne, lifting & sculpting, soothing sore muscles … you name it, we’ve covered it!  

The best way to find what you’re looking for is to check out our highlights and reels, which are arranged by goal, and from there, move onto our IGTV channel and our YouTube channel, which both feature tons of resources and should have clear titles reflecting the topic or technique covered within the video.  

Here are some community-favorites for goal specific videos: 


If You’re Looking to Dive Deep

If you’re looking for a more in-depth understanding of everything gua sha can offer, we recommend you join us for our classes & workshops. In these courses, we focus on a specific topic and explore it much more in-depth. Typically, a class is about an hour and there is a chance for audience Q & A at the end, so this is certainly the route for those looking to ‘nerd out’ on all things Wildling! 


You can always find these offerings on our Events Page  or by signing up for our newsletter. Nothing on the horizon quite soon enough? Not to worry! We record all these workshops, and you can find the full versions of each previous course on our events page too, for your viewing pleasure. 

Here’s a couple examples of online events we’ve held in the past: 

We invite you to refer back to this blog post anytime you’re confused about where to go next on your Wildling journey. Remember - you can’t go wrong getting educated on gua sha if you: 


Thank you for being a part of our Wildling community! We’re so happy you are here.