Focus on Frown Lines with Wildling Co-Founder Britta Plug

Focus on Frown Lines with Wildling Co-Founder Britta Plug

Reviewed by: Britta Plug

We admit it: sometimes we get stumped!

Why? Because when you have a skincare line that encompasses both face and body, includes both tools and products, can function as a moving meditation and a plumping/toning regiment, offers rituals that can ground and energize, and so much more … often, the challenge can be: what Wildling topic do we focus on next?!

When this happens, we love asking our community what their gua sha goals are. And lots of the time, one of the top responses we receive is working on the brow area. Common feedback includes: ‘unbunching’ the forehead, wrinkle release, erasing the ‘11’s, and rejuvenating the eye & brow area after too much screen time. 

We hear you! In fact, we received this response so frequently that we decided to host an event purely dedicated to the forehead. 

We’d love for you to join Wildling co-founder Britta Plug as she reviews proper techniques and approaches for sending your forehead some smoothing, healing, and tension-melting love with Wildling’s signature Empress Stone

 In the accompanying video to this article, we’ll review: 

  • How focusing on the forehead can be vital for releasing tension & stagnation
  • Increasing circulation, vitality, and flow in the area with the Empress Stone
  • The difference between utilizing gua sha & botox if anti-aging is your goal
  • How to use your Empress Ritual to energetically release the brow and subsequently open the third eye
  • The appropriate edge to use while working the brow area and forehead
  • Benefit of warming your Empress Stone prior to use 
  • Why do we always prep the skin with Empress Tonic & Empress Oil prior to gua sha? 
  • And lots more!

If you spend a lot of time on screens, squint into the sunlight, or suffer from tension headaches, this class is for you! 

*Please note that this course is not for beginners and is for those already comfortable with the Empress Ritual. If that’s not you yet, no worries! Be sure to check out this tutorial on Gua Sha 101, and take it from there.*