What’s Inside our Aura Products? Ingredient Spotlight on the Aura Oil & Aura Activator

What’s Inside our Aura Products? Ingredient Spotlight on the Aura Oil & Aura Activator

 What can you expect to find inside the ‘bliss box’ that is Wildling’s Aura Collection? We’re glad you asked! 

This beautiful collection set was created to address all your bodycare needs, effectively and luxuriously. Enclosed in every Aura Collection is: our Aura Sweeper, which is Wildling’s hand-carved and sustainably sourced dry brush; our Aura Stone, the body gua sha tool we designed with an angle for every issue; our Aura Activator, which preps the skin for body gua sha; and our Aura Oil, which nourishes, smooths, and increases the benefit of gua sha. 

 In this article and accompanying video, we’ll take a peek at the product line within the Aura Collection - the Aura Activator & Aura Oil - to showcase what makes the ingredients in each so effective, so special, and so healing. 

Read on for the scoop!

Aura Activator Highlights: 

  • Body serum with hydrating, revitalizing, and toning properties
  • Naturally essential-oil & fragrance free
  • Formulated to soothe, rebuild, and hydrate the skin
  • Ingredients are certified organic, wild-harvested, and picked at peak season 
  • Whole plants, rather than dried, and infused using ancient methods
  • French Seaweed: adds vital minerals to skin; promotes detoxification in cells; aids the body in breaking down fatty deposits naturally and gently
  • Tulsi: brimming with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties to revitalize the skin 
  • Eastern White Cedar: cleanses & tones the skin, boosts circulation, stimulates lymphatic drainage 

Aura Oil Highlights

  • Nourishing body oil, specifically designed to use during body bua sha practice
  • Naturally essential oil & fragrance free 
  • Increases circulation, smooths adhesions/rippled skin, helps to facilitate the healing of scar tissue 
  • Wild Rose Pepper: helps the body naturally break up fatty deposits, adhesions, and clusters to smooth out ripples kin and encourage proper lymphatic flow 
  • Wild Mastic: promotes cellular detoxification pathways
  • Organic Helichrysum: promotes anti-inflammatory benefits; assists with scar healing and tissue repair

Find out more with an in-depth IG Live on all the Aura has to offer here: The Aura Collection or enjoy a quick overview of what you can expect to find inside the incredible Aura Collection below.