EXPLAINED: Empress Platinum versus Empress Stone

EXPLAINED: Empress Platinum versus Empress Stone

EXPLAINED: Empress Platinum
versus Empress Stone

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EXPLAINED: Empress Platinum versus Empress Stone

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Announcement: there’s room for everyone at our Skincare Table. 

Lately, we’ve gotten some (understandable) inquiries about the difference between Wildling’s brand new Empress Platinum and our original Empress Stone. What’s the difference, what’s the deal, do you need both, and which one is better for what?! Allow us to explain. 

We understand it may seem a little confusing at first… so read on for the ultimate Empress vs. Empress explanation!  

(Spoiler Alert: they’re both amazing for lifting, toning, and sculpting facial features)

Recently, we launched the incredible & indestructible Empress Platinum tool. We’ve been so excited to bring you this stainless steel gua sha tool, which was crafted & designed based on our community feedback. It features a new groove edge for additional grip/lifting, the boon of being a ‘lifetime’ tool, and comes with a unique list of material-specific benefits. 



Now don’t get us wrong… we love our OG Empress Stone! Obsessed, always & forever. It’s unique, wildly effective, soothing on the skin, and quite frankly - the impetus for the entire Wildling brand. We added the Empress Platinum into the mix, casting it in cooling, indestructible stainless steel, based on community input. Many of you asked for an unbreakable stone, something a bit more focussed on blemish-prone skin types, and a travel-friendly (read: nearly impossible to break) tool. We heard you.

The good news? These beauty tools share a lot of the same benefits, and each boast unique ones as well. 

Read on for the definitive list of their common traits, differences, and effects. Your skin will thank you! 

Differences & Similarities between Empress Stone & Empress Platinum


  • Patented signature gua sha tool design featuring comb edge, rainbow edge, u edge, and pointed tip 

  • Benefits include lifting, de-puffing, and sculpting the skin 

  • Benefits include smoothing and minimizing fine lines 

  • Mood-enhancing & stress-reducing benefits 

  • Both clarify the skin by detoxifying the lymphatic system and revitalizing flow.

Unique Empress Stone Benefits: 

  • Naturally warming 

  • Crafted from hand-carved 100% authentic bian stone

  • Rejuvenating antioxidant and anti-aging benefits

  • The OG Wildling too

Unique Empress Platinum Benefits: 

  • Naturally cooling 

  • Hand-cast in stainless steel

  • Indestructible & travel friendly

  • Cools inflammation & redness 

  • Naturally antibacterial // blemish-alleviating benefits 

 We encourage you to try both the Empress Platinum and the Empress Stone, and let us know what you think! One may be a better fit for your skin type, one may be a better fit for your budget, and one may be better in winter//the other in summer, etc.

Skincare isn’t one size fits all, but our commitment to you is that every Wildling product is thoughfully crafted with cosmic energy, integrity, sustainability, luxury, and superior skin care benefits in mind. 

Check out this post for more information on  our Empress Stone vs Empress Platinum, and remember to always pair both with our Empress Sweetfern Hydrasoothe Face Mist & Empress Balm of Gilead Repair Oil. For more about our brand new Empress Platinum, head to this blog post.

It’s a win-win!