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There have been big things in the works over here at Wildling… and we are beyond excited that the time has finally come to share our news with this amazing community. 

We are so proud to officially announce the launch of our EMPRESS PLATINUM tool. As you may already know, Wildling’s signature Empress Collection has long been our best-selling skincare kit - the #1 tool in your arsenal when it comes to seeking comfort & beauty in a holistic, natural, and self-loving way. The cornerstone of this collection? Our OG tool, the Empress Stone

We took everything we all love about this classic, paired that with all the feedback we’ve gotten from our community about adjustments you’d love to see, and updated the original Empress Stone to create an elevated & upgraded new version of the patented Wildling gua sha tool… the one and only EMPRESS PLATINUM


If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to get your hands on this tool - and this tool on your face! - ASAP. Read on to find out what we changed, how we grew, and the bounty of new benefits the Empress Platinum will deliver. 



What is it?

The Empress Platinum is Wildling’s NEW and improved facial sculpting tool. 

We've taken the shape of our award winning Empress Stone and cast it in cooling, indestructible stainless steel. Not only is this stone unbreakable, but because it’s steel, it clears heat and inflammation from the skin too. The Empress Platinum is cast in metal, so it’s the one tool that can truly last a lifetime.  

This patented design also features a new groove along the comb edge to gently grip the tissue & fascia of the face and neck in a new way. This little difference packs a serious punch - it optimizes results from lymphatic drainage to de-puff the skin. The Empress Platinum boasts maximum fascia smoothing power to dramatically soften fine lines and wrinkles, you won’t want to sleep on this brand new results-driven tool! 

All of our beauty tools here at Wildling are mindfully crafted by an acupuncturist, holistic esthetician, and herbalist to lift, plump, tone and de-puff the skin. The Empress Platinum in particular is fantastic for all skin types and especially those prone to redness, irritation, or breakouts. It will stimulate the meridians of the face to open the flow of energy in the entire body. Added bonus? Expect to achieve better overall health and a more relaxed nervous system when used regularly. 

Skincare really is self-care over here at Wildling!

We can’t wait for you to try out  the brand new Empress Platinum. Read on for a peek at all the edges and how they deliver serious benefits to your skin. 


Meet the Empress Platinum


You’ll find this NEW and improved edge on the Empress Platinum. It’s designed to gently grab on to the tissue to maximize lymphatic drainage and smooth fascia.


Perfectly hugs the angles of the jaw, cheekbone, brow bone, the back of the neck over the spine.


Moves energy and invigorates the flat surfaces of the face to stimulate flow, drainage and smooth fascia.


The perfect flat surface to sculpt under the eye, around the sinuses.


Tension melting tip for acupressure in the areas of the face that store tension.


The ideal surface for long strokes on the side and front of the neck, and underneath the cheekbones.

We can’t wait for you to give it a try!