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Aura Protocols for
Breast Health

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Aura Protocols for Breast Health

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Here at Wildling, we are here for any and all conversations surrounding breast health and breast cancer awareness. If we’re being honest, we think you should be showing you boobies some extra TLC all year long. To keep breast tissue as healthy as possible, we're sharing a tutorial with the Aura Collection to assist with lymphatic drainage to benefit the breasts. 

Breasts often don’t get the care they deserve. Gua sha and dry brushing are a proactive way to keep the flow of blood, qi, and lymphatic fluid moving healthfully through the breasts.

We love our Aura Collection for the restorative, regenerative, tissue-repairing, and circulation-boosting benefits that it has to offer all over ... but something that holds a very special place in our hearts is the breast health benefits it provides. 

Read on to find out how this signature body care collection can support your breast health in just a few simple steps. 

  • Breasts are home to a lot of lymph nodes, so it’s beneficial to promote lymphatic drainage in this area, using our Aura Sweeper & Aura Stone.  The key to this technique is that pressure is gentle.  
  • Working around the area with our Aura Stone increases qi and blood flow, releasing stagnation in an area that is often bound up (too-tight sports bra, anyone?)
  •  Stagnation is considered a root cause of disease in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Gua sha and dry brushing gently increase the flow to open the channels and invigorate movement. Physical exercise also helps with this.
  • The Aura Activator & Aura Oil are perfect primers for working on the boobs - they are nontoxic, organic, and made with tissue-supporting ingredients. Because both products contain circulation-boosting components, they are ideal for encouraging healthy breast tissue.
  • Performing the below techniques for breast health encourages routine self-examination, recommended for keeping your tata’s healthy & happy. 
  • Following this video has the inherent added benefits of alleviating sore muscles in the pectoral area as well as smoothing the delicate decolletage.

 Are you in for showing your breast some serious love -- this October and all year round? Take a peek at the video below for specific moves, appropriate pressure, correct techniques, and more to keep your precious chest healthy & happy!