Destress with the Empress Ritual: Gua Sha and Chill

Destress with the Empress Ritual: Gua Sha and Chill

Did you know the Empress Ritual can be viewed as a moving meditation? In addition to the plumping and sculpting benefits of a regular gua sha practice, performing your Empress Ritual consistently also provides serious results in the mental & emotional health realm, too. 

 Want to find out more about the calming, restorative, and stress-relieving benefits of gua sha? Check out our masterclass on De-stressing with your Empress Ritual and get ready to seriously relax. Treating our skincare routines as a meaningful and mindful part of our self-care practices is exactly what Wildling’s Empress Collection was designed for.   

 Looking to get in on the calming & restorative action? You came to the right place! Follow along with co-founder Britta Plug in this workshop where we will review: 

  • Setting yourself up for a mindful & meditative Empress Ritual 
  •  Utilizing your Empress Collection for a restorative and soothing gua sha practice 
  • Proper breathwork before, during, and after your Empress Ritual 
  • Appropriate technique with the Empress Stone
  • Releasing stagnant emotions & energy with gua sha 


Enjoy the de-stressing and healing benefits of the Empress Collection with clean skin and your Empress Stone, Empress Tonic, and Empress Oil


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