Aura Ritual Basics: Begin the 21 Day Challenge with a Step-by-Step Review

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Aura Ritual Basics: Begin the 21 Day Challenge with a Step-by-Step Review

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At Wildling, we’re committed to offering our community plentiful resources and education about all things gua sha. 

Last year, we created a 21 Day Challenge devoted to maximizing benefits of our Empress line (for face), we offer an abundance of tutorials outlining techniques and goals with our beauty tools, and we host frequent online workshops to educate our community.

Our latest offering for you? The 21 Day Body Challenge, with our Aura Collection. Much like our 21 Day Face Challenge, with the Empress, this course is three weeks of deep self care, where you’ll learn the complete benefits of our Aura Collection, and how to body gua sha like a pro

In this 21 Day Body Challenge, we’ll begin by going “back to basics” and then well beyond! This course is perfect for dropping in with a daily dose of self-love, presence and connection -- not to mention sculpting, toning, and smoothing benefits. 

What can you expect when you tune in? We’ll review everything from Aura Ritual basics in real time, how to dry brush with our Aura Sweeper, learning proper body gua sha protocols with your Aura Stone, and much more. Every day in this challenge will have a different focus but each will center itself on nourishing the body with natural, TCM-based healing methods. 

We’d love for you to join us. 

In the 21 Day Aura Challenge, we’ll platform topics such as: 

  • The correct way to dry brush 
  • Gua sha & bruising
  • Smoothing fascia with gua sha
  • Addressing dimpled skin with the Aura Activator, Aura Oil, and Aura Stone 
  • How can body gua sha assist with workout recovery? 
  • Toning specific zones like the arms and the belly 
  • Focus on the booty with lifting, sculpting, and smoothing techniques 
  • And so much more!

This challenge is wonderful for anyone just beginning to work with body gua sha as well as more advanced Wildling-lovers. We encourage you to follow along with your Aura Collection readily available. 

Begin with this Day 1 video below, and please remember that this initial round will be on our Instagram only, rather than in your email inbox, so all you need to do to follow along is check out our daily posts on the ‘gram!