You Can Use Gua Sha For What?

You Can Use Gua Sha For What?

We know that gua sha gets a goop-y rap sometimes -- some people think it’s only for those of us who keep a stash of palo santo and rose quartz in our bags at all times. And…maybe we do. BUT, gua sha has been around for centuries for good reason, and that’s because with committed, thoughtful use, it can really improve your quality of life in so many ways. 


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Gua sha isn’t just for yoga headstands and grain bowls...and here’s why it can fit into any array of lifestyles. 

Trying to cut back on injectables?

Whether 2020 has got you avoiding doctor’s offices unless absolutely necessary, or you’re looking to wean yourself off cosmetic procedures, gua sha can help you obtain the plumped, youthful look that got you addicted to filler in the first place. For poutier lips, apply a layer of our Empress Oil and grab your Empress Stone. Define the edges of your lips with your tool to sculpt your lips and Cupid’s Bow - this massages the oil in and increases circulation. Then gently comb over your lips to increase blood flow and plump away

Just found out you’re pregnant?

Headaches and general pain can be an annoying and even debilitating side effect of pregnancy, and you deserve a little relaxation time wherever you can get it. Have your partner rub oil into your forehead, temples, and jawline and have them gently work your Empress Stone over any areas of tension or stress.

Getting married soon?

Whether you’re planning a wedding now, or want to get a heads start on that bridal skin now, gua sha can get you radiant and ready. Regular gua sha rituals can actually reduce breakouts and inflammation by supporting the lymphatic system to rid toxins from the epidermis. Start now,  and you’ll be glowing gorgeous by your wedding day

Just looking to reduce signs of aging?

Gua sha improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and skin elasticity - all things you want to focus on in reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles in the face, neck, and décolletage. With regular use, deeper lines are less noticeable, and the boosted circulation gives a youthful glow.