Meet Gianna de la Torre, Co-Founder


Gianna de la Torre curiosity about the human body ignited a lifelong exploration of acupuncture and intuitive healing methods. Gianna's educational journey led her from the University of Virginia to the Pacific College of Health and Science, where she completed her master's degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Gianna is from New Mexico — she is from a part of the latinx community that has inhabited the region for over 600 years. 

Acu Intuit, founded by Gianna, is her acupuncture clinic that combines modalities that were profoundly helpful in her own healing journey – acupuncture, intuitive reading, and energy work. Her intuitive acupuncture healing sessions help her patients break through physical, mental, and emotional challenges. 

Gianna’s values and philosophy led her to co-found Wildling. Like its co-founders, Wildling believes in harnessing the wisdom of nature, restoring the body's innate beauty and flow.

Areas of Expertise

A transformative experience in India fueled her passion for alternative medicine, inspiring her her to devote her life to alternative medicine, acupuncture, and intuitive healing methods. Turning grief into a mission to spread healing knowledge to others who need it, Gianna’s journey is one of profound compassion and a commitment to personal growth.

Gianna de la Torre

Gianna’s Role and Philosophy at Wildling

Gianna's influence at Wildling goes beyond mere product creation. She infuses each product with a profound respect for nature, drawing upon rituals with a deep understanding of plants, herbs, planets, and the cosmos. This approach sets new industry standards in the gua sha space, offering a holistic vision of beauty that resonates with the soul.

Her rich background in acupuncture and intuitive healing methods is palpable in her work. Asa specialist in traditional Chinese medicine, Gianna's holistic approach to beauty resonates with the soul. Her vision unites skin health, physical health, and mental health, reflecting a commitment to help others live gracefully with ultimate skin longevity. 

By offering superior results through naturally effective formulas and tools, she transforms skin health to a level deeper than skin deep. Her leadership is more than just innovative; it represents a unification of time-honored wisdom and modern sensibilities, all aimed at enhancing wellness for the body, mind, and spirit.

Beyond Wildling

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Gianna resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Carlos, and daughter, Rio. As a certified yoga instructor, she finds joy in yoga, outdoor activities, and any event featuring good food and music… all facets of her life that reflect her connection to wellness and joy.

Gianna de la Torre's life and work stand as a testament to the transformative power of following one's curiosity and aligning with the wisdom of nature. Whether through her pioneering role in the gua sha space, her leadership at Wildling, or her nurturing connection with family, Gianna's approach to life enriches both mind and body. 

Her story is an inspiring reminder that beauty and well-being are intertwined, and only by embracing our lives and selves with all of their complications can we empower ourselves to heal.