What Are The Full Body Benefits of Facial Gua sha? More than Skin Deep

Facial Gua Sha is more than skin deep.  Wildling Empress gua sha Ritual

Did you know that imbalances in your body can show up in your face? Most of us are familiar with the concept that receiving foot reflexology can affect your entire body, but this is also true of any therapy that you apply to the face. The practice of facial gua sha opens the meridians of your face to free the flow of blood and chi (energy).  The bonus is that you’re also opening the meridians of your entire body.  Many of us are drawn to facial gua sha because it helps our skin look radiant, but the side effect is that you’ll also feel better and improve your overall health.  Major bonus!  

As you’re using your Empress Stone on your face and neck, you’ll feel the areas that the energy isn’t flowing as freely.  These areas may feel tight or tender.  Many people hold tension in the jaw or forehead, while others feel it more in the neck or the top of the shoulder.  The tension you carry in your facial muscles can often go unnoticed until you give your face a little TLC.  These tight muscles and the fascia that covers them contribute to fine lines and wrinkles.  They also hold our faces in habitual expressions and cause signs of aging. 

Trouble spots often indicate an imbalance in your overall energy system.  For example, a deep vertical line between the brows can indicate an overactive liver.  Dark circles under the eyes can indicate weakness in the kidneys.  Excessive puffiness can indicate a weak spleen.  As you practice gua sha in the areas you need it most, you are balancing your system and looking great while doing so!  When you’re done with the Empress ritual, you’ll notice that you feel more relaxed, stress-free, balanced, and clear.