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Facial Gua Sha & The Neck

Facial Gua Sha & The Neck

Let’s talk about the neck.

When it comes to this area of the body, there sure is a lot to say. First of all, may we suggest a moment of gratitude for the miracle structure that literally keeps our head attached to our body, all day every day? Our necks deserve it!

We all spend a fair amount of time thinking about this area of the body. Whether it’s muscle tension, crepey skin, a sore neck, or ‘tech neck’ (those fine lines that crop up from tilting our head to stare down at a screen constantly), our necks tend to endure a lot. 

 But did you know that whatever your ‘neck goals’ may be, there’s a pretty good chance that gua sha can help you out? Not only does focussing on the neck improve appearance of the area itself, but by giving this zone some gua sha love, we increase benefits in the face such as brightness, tone, and clarity. A veritable double-down of glow-up! 

Read on to find out how our Empress Stone and Empress Wand lift, plump, and tone the neck, while tackling muscle tension to boot. 

  • The Empress Stone: every side of our signature gua sha tool is designed to create serious benefits in the neck area. The comb edge is great for lifting and breaking up fine lines, the rainbow edge smooths with long sweeping strokes, and the small U edge hugs the back of the spine to provide tension relief. Did we mention that working on the neck also detoxifies and clarifies the skin? Remember to go up the neck to lift and down the neck to drain. 
  • The Empress Wand: truly your stress-busting BFF … we call it our ‘magic wand’. Turn to Wildling’s intuitive massage tool to release muscle knots and neck tension. A must have if you spend a lot of time at the computer or tend toward tightness in the neck and shoulders. 

Take a peek at the Neck Technique video below and get ready to give your neck some serious love in return for all it does for you. We always recommend pairing our gua sha tools with our Empress Tonic and Empress Oil for maximum benefits.