Empress Ritual Basics: Learn Gua Sha with Wildling Co-Founder Britta Plug

Empress Ritual Basics: Learn Gua Sha with Wildling Co-Founder Britta Plug

Reviewed by: Britta Plug

At Wildling, we’re always offering our community resources and education about proper gua sha technique. 

Why do we take technique so dang seriously? (We must admit it’s true … we really do! Some have even called us gua sha sticklers.) It’s because we know that performing your Empress Ritual the correct way, learning proper technique, and adhering to a few ‘gua sha rules’ will leave you - and our entire awesome community - glowing from the inside out. 

Recently, Wildling held a “back to basics” virtual workshop, hosted by esthetician and co-founder Britta Plug. We’d love for you to join in as we review our Empress Ritual step-by-step and dive into a plethora of topics that will set you up for serious success and maximum gua sha benefits. 

In the accompanying video to this article, we’ll discuss: 

  • How to properly hold your Empress Stone
  • Why are Wildling’s Empress Tonic & Empress Oil essential for the perfect ‘slip’? 
  • How much pressure is appropriate during the Empress Ritual? 
  • The purpose of each edge and angle of the Empress Stone 
  • Correct strokes and direction of motion on each part of the face & neck 
  • How often should you perform the ritual to enjoy lasting results? 
  • How and where do you incorporate facial gua sha into your existing skincare routine, and do you need to keep your other skincare products? 
  • Learn about Wildling’s 21 Day Challenge and how it jump starts serious gua sha goals

This class is wonderful for anyone just beginning to work with facial gua sha as well as more advanced Wildling-lovers. We encourage you to follow along with a freshly cleansed face and your Empress Collection readily available. 

Check it out here: