Does Gua Sha Help with Stress?

Does Gua Sha Help with Stress?

Overwhelmed, much?

It’s no secret that things have been emotionally intense lately, and that’s putting it mildly. Between personal challenges, unexpected transitions, the overwhelming state of the world, nerve-racking scrolling, endless to-do lists, and so much more, we as a collective are stressed out. 

Stress can manifest itself in many different ways, but some common ones we see include:  tight muscles, trouble sleeping, jaw tension, skin flare ups, adrenal fatigue/burnout, and much more.  

At Wildling, we’re often asked: can gua sha help with stress? And the answer is … yes, it can! The Empress & Aura Rituals safely & effectively ease stress as well as alleviate many of the symptoms we see as a result of worry, pressure, or distress. Utilizing gua sha as a stress-busting technique is a 100% safe, drug-free, and non-toxic form of selfcare. Gua sha provides a meditative moment to be in your body, become present, and self-soothe.  

Are you in? We thought so! 

In addition to our Empress & Aura Rituals (great anxiety reducing techniques in and of themselves), you can find some of Wildling’s simple stress-relieving tricks here, here, here, and here 

For an entire guided gua sha meditation, you’ll want to follow along here: Guided Gua Sha Meditation

Finally, for an entire workshop dedicated to chilling out via your Empress Ritual, hop over here: De-Stress with the Empress Ritual 


In these videos you’ll find: 

  • Tension-melting techniques
  • Centering & grounding practices 
  • Breathwork suggestions to aid in creating a calm environment 
  • How to use the Empress Wand & Empress Stone to combat anxiety, respectively 
  • Complementary practices for further unwinding 

If you’ve been feeling burned out lately, it’s time to hydrate, grab your gua sha tools, focus on your breath, and get back to center.