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De-Puff the Eyes
with Gua Sha

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De-Puff the Eyes with Gua Sha

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Looking to show your under-eye area some serious love? This zone is one of the most sensitive and thin-skinned parts of the face, so it’s a place where we can easily see thingls like dark circles, puffiness, stagnation, or sallow skin. If you’re prone to under-eye puff, we get it! Wildling’s Empress Stone just may be your new BFF.

While facial gua sha is great for toning, sculpting, and plumping the entire face & neck, one of its true superpowers is the benefits we see when it comes to de-puffing the under-eye area. Increasing the flow of blood, lymph and qi under eyes is essential for serious glow action - and we’re certain the results will speak for themselves!

How does it work?

A number of things can contribute to under-eye stagnation. Allergies, pollution, stress, and diet can make us retain fluids in the skin over time. This puffy skin can pool under eyes, in particular, and we can all relate to the phenomenon of under-eye ‘bags’. By practicing the Empress Ritual at least 3x a week, with a focus on the eye area, we can sweep away excess fluid and flush out toxins, leaving you with more radiant and healthy skin. These results are both immediate and cumulative - so you'll notice benefits both right after performing gua sha, and more sustained benefits over time. The simple moves in the tutorial below keep circulation flowing for achieving brightened, de-puffed, and rejuvenated under-eyes. A must-try!

Follow along below with Wildling co-founder and holistic esthetician Britta Plug for seriously glowing results and remember to breathe, hydrate, and take your time.