All About the Aura Collection

All About the Aura Collection

If you’ve been with Wildling for some time now, you’re likely already familiar with all things Empress. Maybe you love to perform the Empress Ritual in the evenings for a little Evening Unwind or perhaps you enjoy setting your morning up with a little circulation-boosting gua sha. Perhaps you’re working on smile lines, or just generally lifting and toning your face and neck.

That’s all awesome, and we are here for it!  

But… If you’ve been all about the Empress  up until now, it’s time to give your whole body some love and attention as well. Enter, the Aura. We created this collection kit to smooth, lift and tone all over. Wildling’s Aura Collection is a complete bodycare system specifically designed to nourish your skin, promote lymphatic drainage, maximize workout benefits, improve texture, and so much more. 

Whew! That’s a lot of goodness packed into one box. Confused about where to begin? We recommend checking out this Aura Ritual Workshop where we breakdown what’s inside our Aura Collection, the steps to Wildling’s Aura Ritual, and any questions you may have about making the most out of your Aura Stone, Aura Sweeper, Aura Oil, and Aura Activator.

In this IGTV Aura Ritual Workshop, Co-Founder Gianna De La Torre will cover all things Aura, including: 


  • How to properly prepare for the Aura Ritual 
  • What’s inside the Aura Activator and Aura Oil, and why do we need them?
  • Correct technique with your Aura Stone: what is each edge and angle of the Stone designed for? 
  •  How to target certain body parts and areas to improve dimpled skin, boost circulation, and increase qi
  • What inspired the Aura Collection?
  • How often do we perform the Aura Ritual, and when? 


And so much more!

This workshop is the ideal starting point for anyone who has just received their Aura Collection, is interested in purchasing one, or is learning the basics of full body gua sha.