New Fave Product: Lumin Three in One Oil

New Fave Product: Lumin Three in One Oil

New Fave Product:
Lumin Three in One Oil

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New Fave Product: Lumin Three in One Oil

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Why are we so obsessed with our new Lumin Three-In-One Oil

The answer is: too many reasons. It’s brimming with botanicals, essential-oil free, deeply clarifying and cleansing, sustainably harvested, perfect for pimples, and 100% vegan... to name a few!

We’d like to take a moment and formally introduce you to your new daily cleanser, makeup remover, and moisturizer, all in one: Wildling’s Lumin Three-In-One Oil. 

When formulating this oil, we knew we wanted something that was cleansing yet nourishing, effective yet gentle. We carefully selected herbs and plants that are skin-clearing superstars, but won’t dry out or over-strip skin. While we created this formula to work for all skin types, it’s especially potent for acne-prone or sensitive skin.

In Lumin Three-In-One Oil, you’ll find botanical-based ingredients brimming with nutrients that brighten, detoxify, and clear. Sea Buckthorn, Passion Fruit, and Lavender. This combination gently clarifies the pores, balances sensitive skin conditions, and evens out complexion. This superstar product is both lightweight and luxurious, leaving our skin feeling hydrated, nourished, detoxified, and plumped. We seriously can’t get enough of this stuff!

Take a peek at our (short & sweet!) ingredient list below to learn exactly how our carefully selected and sustainably harvested ingredients work to heal, nourish, and clarify your skin:

  • SEABUCKTHORN: Boasting 190+ bioactives, a full spectrum of vegan Omegas and known as one of the most potent antioxidants on the planet, this “holy fruit” clarifies, balances and restores skin. Our seabuckthorn is wild harvested fresh on pristine certified organic land in the Himalayan mountains of Tibet.


  • PASSIONFRUIT: Naturally high in protective antioxidants, brightening vitamin C, rich in linoleic essential fatty acids and dense with nutrients; this enchanting fruit helps to fight environmental stressors, even skin tone, brighten, soothe, repair and help improve the appearance of dark spots and redness. Our Passionfruit is unrefined, cold-pressed and sustainably harvested by hand in the Amazon.


  • LAVENDER: Powerful antioxidants, bacteria-fighting agents, and calming nutrients help to clear clogged pores, diminish blemishes, calm inflammation, and soften skin. Our Lavender is organically harvested in the Pacific Northwest and whole plant extracted.

Bonus? When you purchase the Lumin Three in One Oil, your order comes with a complimentary Lumin Cloud Cloth, made from 100% organic cotton bamboo, for proper oil cleanser removal. A true game changer! 

Take a peek at the video below for the play by play on maximizing the use & benefits of your Lumin Three-In-One Oil and how to incorporate this oil into your full Lumin Ritual: 


Happy Cleansing!