Eye Rejuvenation with
the Empress Stone

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Eye Rejuvenation with the Empress Stone

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Could your eye area use a little extra love?

Hey, we get it! 

We use our eyes all day long, every day, so this is an area that could always receive some extra attention. Staring at screens, frowning, smiling, squinting in the sun, driving, and even reading cause us to hold facial expressions in certain positions. Add in some tears (hey, it's been quite a year), foods that can make us puffy, or a poor nights sleep, and our eyes could use some serious lovin'.

Over time, this can affect the eye area in many ways. Whether you experience puffy under eyes, wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, or just want to get this zone a little extra support, our Eye Rejuvenation tutorial is the perfect solution!

In this video, Britta utilizes Wildling's Empress Collection to guides you through an Empress Ritual add-on ideal for soothing, smoothing, and invigorating the skin around the eyes. We use all edges of the  Empress Stone for maximum benefit and serious orbital area love. We’ll review: 

  • De-puffing techniques around the undereye with the short edge 
  • Utilizing the comb edge to release wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes 
  • Buffing out the eye area with long and luxurious long edge motions
  • Upper eye smoothing and refining, using the U-edge for a snug hold 

For best results, pair these moves with the complete Empress Ritual and remember to always begin and end with the neck for maximum de-puffing action.

Watch the full video and find our entire playlist devoted to eye focussed tutorials below!