Gua Sha to Reduce Double Chin

Gua Sha to Reduce Double Chin

Gua Sha to
Reduce Double Chin

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Gua Sha to Reduce Double Chin

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Reviewed by: Britta Plug

Best solution for a refined jawline/chin? Gua Sha.


One of the most frequent requests we receive at Wildling is for gua sha techniques that focus on toning the chin & jawline. Because this is an area where lymphatic fluid can easily stagnate, regular gua sha practice with Wildling’s Empress Stone is an ideal way to refine, reduce, and slim the chin and jaw. 


Sculpting the jawline with these simple yet effective moves will target tissue stimulation, promote lymphatic drainage, and work to tone up the entire area. When paired with the full Empress Ritual at least 3x a week, the results here can be major!  


The video below is a mere 30 seconds, but holistic esthetician and Wildling co-founder Britta Plug knows how to pack seriously effective results into a few short & soothing moves. Bonus? It feels so good! Remember to always hydrate and to prepare freshly cleansed skin with the Empress Tonic & Empress Oil for optimal results. 


Read on for details as to how exactly we’re targeting the jawline and chin with these simple steps. 


How these Moves Work: 


  • Quick ‘eraser’ motions with the comb edge along the collarbone will stimulate lymphatic drainage

  • Light & slow gliding from outer jawline all the way down to the collarbone will de-puff 

  • Using the pointed tip of the U edge to break up stagnation in the soft area just underneath chin 

  • Final contouring steps using the U edge along the jawline for extra refinement 

  • Wiggling where the jaw meets the ear for lymphatic stimulation 

Simple, quick, and seriously effective! Try it for yourself and let us know what you think.