Body Serum to Boost
Your Gua Sha Results

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Body Serum to Boost Your Gua Sha Results

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When it comes to body gua sha, who’s guilty of going straight to the oil and stone, and skipping the first two steps of our Aura Ritual? It’s tempting, but trust — you don’t want to do that! You’d be missing out on the good stuff. Dry brushing (step one) can help detoxify and activate lymph pathways, while the Aura Activator (step two) is our secret weapon. Trust us — we’ve pored over research and tested all kinds of things. The complete Aura Ritual is designed intentionally for maximum benefit, so your time and energy are well spent. Doing the steps in isolation is great, but not as impactful. Aura Seaweed Detox Body Activator is an essential part of the ritual, providing the hardworking magic that optimizes every step. 

First time gua sha-ing? Start with our gua sha guide, it’s got everything you need to know.

How It’s Made: Whole Plant Infusion 

Whole Plant Infusions are not dissimilar to tea. Ingredients steep in oil or water until their botanical actives are extracted, which can take weeks or months. After enough extraction time, plant matter is removed and composted, and the oil or water is thoroughly strained. The remaining liquid — the good stuff — is bottled up for our products! 

We believe in magic, especially when it comes to plant alchemy. Some Whole Plant Infusions happen under the light of the full moon, others also infuse with crystals like sunstone. It is believed that these “witchy” methods can transform the energetic quality of the end-result, offering an experience that’s even more in tune with the earth and its magic. Whole Plant Infusions yield gentle but potent ingredients that are better for the earth. All of our products use Whole Plant Infusions, because we’ve experienced the difference for ourselves and simply can’t go back to conventional products!

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Mother Earth First: Our Sustainability Commitment

What kind of witches would we be if we weren’t prioritizing Mother Earth? We understand a lot of beauty companies feel pressured to minimize their footprint, as we all should, but ensuring we’re operating in harmony with nature is paramount to our purpose. Without the magic of plants, our skin care products wouldn’t exist! And we believe that helping women and people feel more comfortable in their own skin doesn’t have to come at the expense of our planet. 

For starters, we’ve partnered with Arbor Day Foundation to plant over 15,000 trees in the Econfina Creek Watershed, which will help restore 11 acres of land while removing almost 44 tons of carbon dioxide, 10,500+ tons of air pollution, and help avoid almost a 800,000 gallons of stormwater runoff over the next 40 years.

In addition, we choose the most eco-friendly packaging available to us. Right now, that looks like glass bottles, compostable shipping materials, and Forest Steward Certified boxes for our products. Opting out of using essential oils allows us to save thousands of gallons of water, and we craft our tools with bian stone, which is available in abundance from mines that specialize in ethical sourcing. 

This feels like a bit of a humble brag, but we’ve gotta say it because we LOVE animals: we’re also Leaping Bunny certified and PETA certified cruelty free. You can find the most up to date information on our Sustainability page.

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Essential Oil Free for Sensitive Skin

Pounds and pounds of plant matter are used to extract a single ounce of essential oil. For example, one producer of essential oils notes that for a single ounce of rose essential oil, about 42 pounds of roses (8,000 flowers) are needed. Of course, some manufacturers are more eco-friendly than others, but we decided to opt-out of using added essential oils all together in favor of our Whole Plant Infusion method described above. Refusing to use essential oils does more than save water and plants — it can also make a huge difference in the efficacy of our products. They can agitate sensitive skin, causing redness, uneven texture, and even blemishes. After shifting to an all-Wildling skin care regimen, our founders noticed a huge difference in the texture and clarity of their skin, and many of our customers enthusiastically report the same!

Benefits of Aura Activator

Aura Activator is our “secret weapon,” and it’s what makes us different from other brands selling gua sha tools. Aura Activator gives a healthy sheen! Glowing glisten! Youthful radiance! The skin of the body is so often neglected, even though it works hard for us! Did you know the skin is actually an organ whose job is to release toxins and waste? Sweat carries cellular waste and bacteria to the skin’s surface, removing whatever we don’t need from the body. The least we can do is give it a nice drink. Our ultra-hydrating Aura Activator is designed to use after dry brushing (and a shower for the full experience), and before applying Aura Oil to hydrate the skin in preparation for body gua sha. Below is a list of active ingredients and their benefits:

  • Tulsi: Warming herb and adaptogen with antimicrobial properties can guard against breakouts, releases stress held in the head and neck, soothes inflamed or red skin 

  • Eastern White Cedar: A type of juniper tree found in North America with antioxidant properties used in folk medicine as a salve for skin conditions like psoriasis 

  • Radish Root Ferment: Antioxidant with cell-healing properties, promotes a youthful glow and a balanced microbiome

  • Seaweed Extract (Jania Rubens): Algae that contains and can replenish many compounds that occur naturally in the skin as well as a high concentration of minerals, deeply hydrates and nourishes, protective of the skin’s barrier and diminishes the appearance of cellulite

All ingredients: Ocimum Tenuiflorum (Tulsi) Plant Water*, Thuya Occidental (Eastern White Cedar) Plant Water*, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Glycerin (Plant Derived), Water/Aqua, Jania Rubens Extract  *Certified Organic

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