Our Summer Minimalist Skincare Routine — Wildling

Our Summer Minimalist
Skincare Routine

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Our Summer Minimalist Skincare Routine

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SUMMER DAYS = more fun in the sun, less skincare, and minimal - if any - makeup. Overall, this season generally brings tons of time outdoors, traveling, with friends, and (ideally) jumping into some cool water – in other words, it’s not the time to spend ages worrying about a complex skincare routine. With this in mind, we’re bringing you a seriously short & sweet SKIN MINIMALIST ritual for when there simply isn’t time for a gua sha or cupping sesh.


Our Empress Sweet Fern Hydrasoothe Face Mist & Empress Balm of Gilead Repair Oil shine when matched with a complete Empress Ritual … but did you know that these two products can pretty much function as your entire skincare routine on their own as well? 


Read on to find out how we use Wildling’s Face Mist & Repair Oil as a complete, effective, and easy-breezy summer skincare ritual - save time, maximize glow, and get out into the sweet summertime with effortless, radiant skin. 


Simple, Simple, Simple: 


STEP 1: Empress Sweet Fern Hydrasoothe Face Mist - Simple, soothing, and satisfying. A perfect spritz for summer days, this cold-pressed toning mist brightens, de-puffs, and detoxifies from morning to night.. Vitamin rich sweet fern, known for purifying the environment by clearing contaminations, flushes the lymphatic system to increase circulation and flow for brighter, clearer-looking skin. It’s hydrating, won’t clog pores, and is appropriate for all skin types. Did we mention it feels oh-so-good? 


STEP 2: Empress Balm of Gilead Barrier Repair Oil - We call this facial oil ‘gua sha in a bottle’, and for good reason! Apply it to freshly cleansed and spritzed skin and enjoy the lifting, plumping, and  tightening benefits of the phyto-nutrient dense ingredients all day long.  This repairing oil is rich in Vitamin C, supports a healthy skin barrier, promotes elasticity, and brightens overall skin tone. We also love the makeup-free glow we get from applying. vid 


Take a peek at the video below for the Wildling summer skin minimalist routine. Keep it short & sweet…  and we’ll see you on the beach.