Major News: Wildling MERCH Dropping

Major News:
Wildling MERCH Dropping

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Major News: Wildling MERCH Dropping

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We have to confess: we’ve been keeping a secret, and are beyond excited to spill the beans on this one. Just in time for cooler temps, cozy days, and fall vibes, Wildling is gearing up for our first ever MERCH drop. Allow us to introduce you, with pride, to the official Wildling branded sweatsuit. Slouchy, comfy, and chic, this sweat suit is your new go-to leisure wear for gua sha and so much more. We predict you’ll be wearing this pullover and jogger set daily - we certainly have been!


Developed in collaboration with local and sustainable clothing brand Electric & Rose, this jogger and pullover is crafted with natural fiber materials and sustainable dye processes. It is the perfect mix of cozy sweats for relaxing and an elevated set to run around in. So how did this all come to be? The truth is, apparel has been on our minds for some time over at Wildling HQ. We’re always looking for the perfect outfit to wear for a gua sha session, and  then  keep on all day long. 


The requirements? A wide neck on the top for gua sha, luxurious fabric, flattering fit, and some signature Wildling touches. Of course, sustainability and quality of ingredients were top of mind when it came to putting something like this together. Enter the elevated, breathable, and well-sourced leisure wear offered by Electric & Rose, and we knew we’d found the right partners for this awesome apparel endeavor. 



Much like our products, the way this collaboration ended up coming together was … organically. A casual convo between two neighbors - one of them Wildling co-founder Jill Munson and the other Electric & Rose co-founder Erin Chiamulon - spearheaded the partnership. The two women met in their shared LA neighborhood via their kiddos and began chatting about the trials and tribulations of founding and running a brand. As they chatted further, Jill & Erin realized that their brands were quite aligned and decided to explore collaborating. This couldn’t have worked out better, as Electric & Rose was the perfect partner for the Wildling sweatsuit we’d all been dreaming of at Wildling. 


Working together, the teams at Wildling and E & R, respectively, joined forces to design Wildling x Electric & Rose items that pull seamlessly from the ethos and design perspectives of both these California-based, female-founded, and locally run small businesses. Get in on the goods yourself and shop our brand new merch here. We have a feeling you won’t be able to take your new Wildling x E & R gear off all fall!

We can’t wait for you to vibe out in your cozy new Wildling x Electric & Rose pullover and joggers. Here’s to good timing, female founders, slow fashion, and a perfect sweat set for all your gua sha needs!  

Shop the set here for a limited time only: Wildling x E & R Sweatsuit Collab