Helichrysum: The Miraculous Plant With Skin Healing Benefits

Helichrysum: The Miraculous Plant With Skin Healing Benefits

It’s well known for healing scars and blemishes by promoting regeneration. We're about to drop some skincare gold on you — Helichrysum, a gem in the plant world.

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Harvested from the rocky terrains and coastal cliffs of the Mediterranean, this natural wonder is definitely something to write home about. But besides its traditional use in holistic wellness, Helichrysum has recently earned its spot as a valuable player in modern skincare routines. 

We're talking about a versatile ingredient that not only supports your skin's natural vitality but also encourages an overall sense of well-being. Helichrysum just might be the new MVP of your skincare routine. Read on to learn why.


Helichrysum, deeply rooted in the historical annals of herbal medicine, is far more than just another pretty bloom (but it is pretty). 

For hundreds of years, this flower has been a part of wellness routines, particularly in the Mediterranean region. From the scenic cliffs of Corsica to the lush landscapes of Croatia, Helichrysum enjoys a wide native range — it thrives in diverse soils and fluctuating climates, giving it an adaptability that's pretty impressive.

This wonder plant has an intriguing backstory, too. Historical records indicate that it's been used for its medicinal and beauty benefits since ancient times. The Greeks, known for their expansive knowledge of botany, were likely among the first to discover its diverse uses. 

Whether in folklore remedies or classical apothecaries, Helichrysum carved out its niche as a go-to solution for various skin-related needs. Back in the day, it was often steeped in olive oil and used as a topical salve to maintain healthy-looking skin.

Modern herbalists, aromatherapists, and skincare aficionados continue to swear by the so-called curry plant’s effectiveness, too — so this is a plant that’s seriously enduring. When you distill Helichrysum, the resultant essential oil is a potpourri of beneficial compounds like flavonoids, terpenes, and phenols… and all of these compounds contribute to its multifaceted role in skincare.


If you've ever wanted to unlock the secret to radiant, youthful skin, Helichrysum might be your next big discovery. This oil is loaded with beneficial properties that could make it a valuable addition to your skincare ritual. Let's take an in-depth look at what this botanical marvel can do for your skin!

Supports a Youthful-Looking Complexion

As we age, processes like collagen production slow, and free radical damage accumulates from environmental aggressors. Luckily, helichrysum helps maintain a youthful-looking complexion even as collagen declines, and it also has antioxidant benefits.

These properties offer potent support for the natural regeneration and growth of skin cells. Helichrysum is frequently sought for its ability to encourage a youthful-looking appearance, maintaining smoothness, firmness, and suppleness. 

Listen, it's not magic, but the consistent support this oil provides in maintaining the skin's structural integrity makes it super effective for a radiant complexion.

Helps To Address Breakouts and Redness

Helichrysum has been traditionally used to soothe and support balance in the skin. Its unique compounds, such as terpenes and flavonoids, offer a calming effect that supports the skin's overall health. It's these beneficial properties that contribute to the oil's capacity to encourage a more balanced and even complexion.

Thanks to its supportive properties, helichrysum can help with maintaining a balanced complexion, making it a valuable resource for easing breakouts. It’s also thought to have cleansing properties that can help you wash the day away, which means products made from the helichrysum plant can help support overall skin health.

Because the use of helichrysum can help you ease breakouts, it may also minimize the look of dark spots in the long term.

This oil, rich in beneficial compounds, supports the skin’s natural healing process. Its qualities make it a popular choice for those looking to reduce the visibility of scars, burns, and rashes while simultaneously supporting skin renewal.


There are many different ways and products to use to get the benefits of helichrysum — and our favorite way to harness its potential is to use it as part of our full-body skincare and wellness routine. 

Prepare Your Skin

Before you shower, we recommend starting your routine with our Aura Sweeper. This dry brush is specifically aimed at boosting lymphatic flow and circulation, and it gives you an enjoyable way to practice some mindfulness and get back in touch with every part of your body. (And in today’s world, who couldn’t use a little more mindfulness?)

As you move this body-brushing tool across your body, you're encouraging a process known as exfoliation — dead skin cells are sloughed off, making way for new, radiant skin to emerge. Because of this, it’s an excellent prep step to take before diving into other treatments. 

Plus, by supporting blood flow and qi, this step helps re-energize the skin's surface, restoring a vibrant look and feel. But beyond mere skin enhancement, it's also an amazing ritual for overall health.

Over time, the benefits compound: smoother, more nourished skin. Imagine the Aura Sweeper as a prelude, setting the stage for all of the more specialized skincare treatments that follow.

Embrace Helichrysum

In the journey toward total skin transformation, our Smoothing Body Duo offers a road map, starting with the Aura Activator. Each ingredient is there for a reason, synergistically working to create an atmosphere where your skin thrives. 

French seaweed brings in a marine treasure trove of minerals that promotes cellular detoxification and aids in the natural breakdown of fatty deposits. Tulsi, another key element in this product, brings an array of soothing benefits and antioxidant properties for your skin. 

Together, they prepare the ground for the starring ingredient: helichrysum.

And that's where the Aura Oil comes in, offering not just hydration but a masterfully composed mix of helichrysum, rose pepper, and copaiba. 

This targeted treatment is designed to address multiple skin concerns, from aging to cellulite, using active ingredients that each play a critical role in the overall formula. Eastern white cedar complements the formula by supporting blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, essentially preparing your skin to absorb the following product. 

Rose pepper is a powerful ingredient that aids the body in breaking up fatty deposits, naturally smoothing out the appearance of rippled skin while encouraging lymphatic flow. Copaiba, not to be overshadowed, works in harmony with rose pepper, providing an additional layer of skincare benefits, particularly in terms of stimulating circulation.

Complete Your Ritual

After employing the Aura Sweeper and lavishing your skin with the Smoothing Body Duo, you'll want to cap off your routine with the final touch: gua sha using the Aura Stone. This tool is unparalleled in its design and material composition. 

Comprised of Bian stone, the Aura Stone is steeped in ancient history and modern science. It is an embodiment of holistic wellness, packing more than forty minerals into its framework. These minerals, combined with the stone's unique ability to emit far infrared rays and ultrasound pulsations, go beyond the skin's surface to affect cellular function and DNA positively.

Its multiple edges — wavy, U-shaped, pointed, and comb angle — are each tailored for distinct skin concerns. Whether you're working on larger areas like thighs and abdomen or targeting tighter spots like arms and lower legs, each edge of the Aura Stone has the structure you need to take your gua sha practice to the next level. 


In the realm of skincare and wellness, the flowers of helichrysum hold a special place, a blend of both science and nature that has stood the test of time. With a name that stems from the Greek words “helios” for sun and “chrysos” for gold, this herbaceous plant radiates its healing properties as luminously as its name suggests. 

Its essential oil benefits are manifold, offering an array of healing capabilities, from its potent antifungal properties to its efficacy in aromatherapy for mental wellness. The allure of helichrysum is not just a modern-day fascination; it's rooted in ancient wisdom that recognized its myriad healthful properties. 

By integrating the golden essence of this miraculous plant into your skincare and wellness routines, you're tapping into an age-old reservoir of holistic health. From its rich history to its contemporary applications, helichrysum remains a gold standard in natural skincare, embodying the harmonious fusion of tradition and science.


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In the realm of skincare and wellness, the flowers of helichrysum hold a special place, a blend of both science and nature that has stood the test of time.