21 Day Body Challenge — Welcome


Welcome to the Body Challenge


Congratulations and welcome to the community!

You’ve just made a huge step toward developing your body care and self-care practice. In a society that rewards productivity above all, we understand that investing time in yourself isn’t always an easy or obvious choice. We’re so grateful to have you here.


They say it takes 21 days for a new behavior to become a habit. A consistent gua sha practice produces the best results, so we’ve developed a 21-Day Challenge that includes our best tutorials, knowledge, tips, tricks, and inspiring self-love notes from others who are on this journey too.

In three weeks, you’ll know how to relieve muscle pain, restore the health of the fascia, tone and tighten the skin, and much more. You’ll learn the ins and outs of your Aura tools, and how our products magnify the effectiveness of the rituals.


Pro tip: Using the Aura Stone, Aura Seaweed Detox Body Mist, Aura Rose Pepper Body Toning Oil, and Aura Sweeper as a system yields better results than using just one or two alone.


Learn about the origins of gua sha.

In each email, we’ll share:

  • A motivational quote (what can we say, they help!)
  • Field Notes: facts, tips, and tricks about gua sha and the process of detox
  • Tutorials: simple, clear step-by-step video links
  • Extra Credit: recommended gua sha-adjacent reading for the skincare nerds
  • Self-Love Letters: notes from real people on how gua sha is changing their skin and their lives

At Wildling, we believe in harnessing the wisdom of nature to restore the body’s inherent beauty and flow. We’re excited and honored to spend the next 21 days with you. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, reply directly to your email.

See you tomorrow!


Head’s up: Tomorrow we will walk you through the Aura Ritual step-by-step. Stay with us, it gets easier!


The Wildling Team


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