Stone Pouch — Wildling

Protect the Empress Stone and Wand

Our Empress Stone is made from slice of authentic Bian stone and the Wand is carved from a chunk of it. Even diamonds — made from pure carbon, the hardest substance on Earth — can break or chip when dropped. Custom designed to fit the contours of both stones, our pouch is a place to keep each one safe and scratch-free. We recommend storing them individually.

Hands holding Empress Stone


The Empress Ritual is helpful for clearing breakout prone skin, however you should not gua sha over active breakouts. The skin care products work well for breakout prone skin. To learn more click here.

Any time you’re not using your stone! We recommend storing it in your pouch, and using the pouch for travel.

Bian stone doesn’t break easily, but if lands at the wrong angle or on a hard surface when dropped it can cause the stone to chip or shatter. Protect your stone with the soft pouch custom made to store it.

Clean your stone with a skin-friendly soap and towel it dry before stowing it in the pouch.