Protecting Our Precious Earth.  Is Wildling Eco Friendly?

Protecting Our Precious Earth. Is Wildling Eco Friendly?

Sustainability is a core value at Wildling.  Our products are made with great care and deep respect for the Earth. Whenever possible, our ingredients come from small-batch, organic, local, biodynamic, family-owned farms. In some cases, they are harvested by farmers who forage wild plants seasonally. Wild harvesting protects our water resources and supports our natural forests. We opt to leave essential oils out of our formulas because of the amount of water required to generate just one drop of essential oil.

The herbaceous aroma of our formulas comes from the whole, fresh plant infusion. Each plant is medicinal, intentionally chosen for its unique benefit to the skin and to complement the gua sha ritual.

Wildling is part of a worldwide movement to improve water and air quality, slow climate change, and reduce poverty by planting trees. To date, Wildling has helped plant approximately 15,000 trees through the Arbor Day Foundation.
Over 40 years, the trees we have planted in the Econfina Creek Watershed will:
  • Restore 11 acres of land
  • Sequester 43.97 metric tons of CO2
  • Avoid/remove 10,525.83 tons (US) of air pollution
  • Avoid 779,983.1 gallons of stormwater runoff
Other sustainable steps we take:
  • Biodegradable and compostable shipping materials.
  • Recyclable, reusable glass packaging.
  • Minimizing emissions by keeping the majority of our production processes and transport local.
  • Green and clean products, made with integrity from seed to bottle.
  • Sourcing plant ingredients in partnership with local farms and global fair-trade communities; extracted with minimal processing following traditional herbal practices.
  • Forest Steward Certified product boxes. Made from sustainable wood, meaning rare old-growth forests are protected, deforestation is prohibited, and use of hazardous chemicals are restricted. Forest ecology, animals, indigenous people, and water quality are also protected.