How to De-Stress & Unwind With the Empress Wand

How to De-Stress & Unwind With the Empress Wand

Have you met our Empress Wand yet? If not, get ready for some tension-melting goodness in your jaw, temples, and facial muscles! 

Wildling’s Empress Wand is designed to combat muscle tension in the face, jaw, neck, and shoulders. We can’t get enough of this little ‘magic wand’ and all of it’s muscle releasing, facial massaging yumminess. Find out the basic moves to restore the flow of qi, soothe the nervous system, and soften facial features with this Empress Wand Tutorial and the accompanying list below. 

All About the Empress Wand: 

  • Designed to address hardened facial features and stress held in the face and neck 
  • Made from 100% authentic bian stone, just like all Wildling tools 
  • Melts tension so that you both look and feel more relaxed with consistent use
  • Use the hook edge to massage jaw, temples, and around the eyes 
  • Use the belly/largest part for releasing tension in the flatter parts of the face such as the forehead. 
  • This is an intuitive facial massage tool, so follow your intuition to release held tension.

We love using the Empress Wand and Empress Stone together throughout our Empress Rituals! They complement one another and utilizing both creates optimal results for looking and feeling fantastic. 

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